Washington County Peace Vigil 2-7-07

Over 70 people assembled tonight to voice their disgust and frustration with their senate, congress and president. The Iraq occupation is not going well folks. As I post, an aircraft carrier strike force is cruising to the Persian Gulf. The newest sign tonight was held by two young girls. The sign said, "VOTE". Another high school student from Madras, Oregon came with his dad and his new sign. Gordon Smith: We are watching your voting record. Greg Walden: Oregonians are watching you and your voting record with this current cabal. Oregonians will be on the streets of Portland March 18 at 1:30 pm (Sunday) on the 4th anniversary of Chimpy's launch of this illegal war, invasion and occupation. Any elected official (local, state and federal) that supports this policy is pathetic. Continue to go against the grain of the majority of Oregonians and you will be voted out! Feel free to participate to any local, state and regional vigil and protest action. As a dad of an active naval officer, I am sickened by this 4 year failure of presidential imcompetance. The soldiers, air personnel and sailors want to come home now.

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