All People's Immigration Hearing was AMAZING!

To commemorate the success of Marcha Migrante II, local activist organizations Gente Unida and the Border Angels held an ALL PEOPLE'S IMMIGRATION HEARING yesterday in San Ysidro to counter the bogus hearings held in San Diego last fall. Over 50 audience members applauded speaker after speaker who called for an IMMEDIATE END to the racial hatred and corporate control that continues to cost migrant workers their lives and their livelihoods every day...--Read More--

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by Jay Johnson-Castro @
by Jay Johnson-Castro @
Enrique Morones chaired the panel discussion regarding the U.S.'s failed immigration policies and what is being done to create change. Presenters spoke in both Spanish and English to offer their scathing indictments of legislators of both major political parties as well as the Minutemen and other hate groups. Recent immigrants talked about the difficulties they encounter crossing the border and the blatant discrimination they experience trying to find work, or to become teachers, doctors, and lawyers. Candidates for public office spoke about the barriers they intend to tear down in order to be heard, in order to find dignity in a nation with a history of violating treaties and colonizing its neighbors. Authors talked about the need to stop the U.S.'s control of financial and agricultural markets in Mexico, especially when it comes to corn and its genetic modification. Maize is integral to the Mexican economy, yet North American companies are vying for control of the very GMO seeds that Mexican law prohibits. NAFTA continues to wreak its havoc, Justin Aker Chacon stated, through massive corporate takeovers in Mexico by Walmart. You can find this information in his outstanding new book, NO ONE IS ILLEGAL.

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