EDO CORP: Alternative Annual Report


On Thursday 22nd February EDO Corporation released their 2007 annual report. The Corporation, of which the embattled Brighton based arms dealers EDO MBM are a wholly owned trading unit, has announced that it is operating below targets.

Below is an 'Alternative Report' from the Smash EDO campaign...

Brighton based EDO MBM has been the target of sustained protest and direct action since 2003 (see www.smashedo.org.uk:

On Friday 16th a group of protesters occupied EDO's car park and foyer blowing claxon horns and scattering photos of the carnage in Iraq. This was the second such action in the last month 1 2

On Monday 19th Eight students from Sussex University locked themselves to EDO's fence and gates delaying the opening of the factory and preventing deliveries Press Release Photo Report

On Wednesday 21st protesters held a funeral procession and vigil for the victims of the US bombing of Somalia at the factory Press Release Report

homepage:: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/

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