Olympia's Town Hall Meeting on Impeach a Huge Success


Olympia's Constitution in Crisis: The Case for Impeachment drew over 800 people, almost filling the Washington Center on Tuesday, February 20, 2007.

Elizabeth de la Vega, David Lindorff and Ray McGovern made compelling arguments about the need to impeach Bush/Cheney. Each stressed that impeachment is necessary to restore the Constitution. While the list of impeachable offenses is long, de la Vega pointed out that incompetence was not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. They also poked holes in the various "arguments" given by Democrats. Unlike the Clinton impeachment, de la Vega stated, the violations of law by Bush/Cheney are serious abuses of power and impeachment was intended to remedy those abuses. All agreed that the evidence was overwhelming and that the impeachment process would be swift. They rejected the belief that impeachment would harm the Democrats. Lindorff noted that the Democrats would be harmed by not taking action, especially if the Republicans decide to take the lead on impeaching Bush/Cheney. McGovern asked that if lying to get us into war, illegal wiretaps, dismissing the basic protections granted in the Bill of Rights and creating a unitary executive through signing statements are not impeachable, than what is?


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