AUDIO FILE: Ralph Nader Speaking About His New Book, "17 Traditions."

Ralph Nader was in Portland on February 13, 2007, appearing at the Baghdad Theater to speak about his new book, "17 Traditions." "I've never written a book like this before, and I want to explain why I wrote it, in addition to being a love story, for my mom and dad and my sisters and brother.

"I wrote it because...if you are looking for active citizens to help you make a better country or community, after a while you run out of exhortations and you ask yourself, 'how do we get more active citizens?'"

"Sometimes you have a demonstration, you have a march, people come and they connect, or somebody has a tragedy and forms something like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Or they might come out of the Universities, perchance, having some sort of mission, whether in science, engineering, politics, economics, organizing, whatever. But it's never enough, there are never enough active citizens."


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