A dozen protesters protest Gen. Pace in Vancouver, WA

About 6 of us stood outside with signs and flags, while 5 went inside. Read about it below.

Vancouver was busting its image today for the Iraq War as Gen. Peter Pace came to speak at Hudson's Bay High School. Under sunny skies about 6 of us stood below the school at the corner of Mill Plain and Reserve. We were told we could not be on school property, so we were delegated to the "Free Speech Zone." I tested it by walking into the driveway about 50' and got to see fellow citizens walk or drive inside. I cannot fathom their interest or support.

I went back to the group at the corner during the speech. I knew there were some of us going inside. Sure enough! Mike E. was the first to stand up and unfurl his sign, shortly after Pace began. He had to listen to our military mayor say he thanks God every day that our country has the "strongest military in the world." YUK! Mike said he stood about 45 seconds before being told by police he had to leave and not come back. Then Danny and his mother came walking down as they had done the same thing. Police checked their ID. Then Angie and Joy came out. Angie's rolled-up sign was stuck in her sweater sleeve and she and Joy jiggled around to get it out! They stood and were told to leave and not come back.

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