Help support people who will be asking Sen. Smith to defund the Iraq war!

For Immediate Release: March 2, 2007
What will happen today when people want to talk to Senator Smith? Two constituents will try to go to his office to talk with the Senator or his staff about why he should vote to not approve funds to continue the Iraq war. Will they be denied access to his office? Will they be arrested? If the past is an indication, they will suffer the same fate as five other groups and end up going to jail.

Whereas Senator Smith said, "I, for one, am at the end of my rope when it comes to supporting a policy that has our soldiers patrolling the same streets in the same way, being blown up by the same bombs day after day. That is absurd. It may even be criminal. I cannot support that anymore", we are asking Senator Gordon Smith to agree to defund the Iraq war. We are simply asking him to walk his talk. It is anticipated that people will be stopped at the elevators in the lobby and be arrested there. If they are able to go to his office, they will ask him to vote in a consistent manner with his statements about the absurdity of the Iraq war. If he will not agree to do so they will refuse to leave until they have that assurance.

Audio from and earlier press conference to Defund the War at Gordon Smiths office.

Comment: Kudos to these people who are so persistant and seem to never give up! They inspire us all! (Saturday, March 3, 12 noon to 1 pm, Oak Grove Peace Vigil


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