Speak Out Against the FCC

Speak Out Against the FCC

There is a current campaign all over the country to stop the FCC from allowing big corporations to get even bigger off of the media avenues of television, newspaper, and radio. On June 21, FCC Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin sent out a draft proposal, outlining new regulations that would override existing laws that have kept large corporations in check from dominating all the media outlets in a given market or city.

Specifically, what the FCC wants changed is the rule that companies cannot own a newspaper, television and radio station all in the same town and the rule that a company can only own one television station in a town. If this happens, any company could potentially own the major daily newspaper, all local television and radio stations as well as the cable system in one city.
The reason so many people are raising up their vioces in outcry to this new proposal is that the new rules will do away with the varied viewpoints heard in the media, replacing them by one view, one voice: and that all who do not adhere will no longer have a job. This directly effects minority groups, community groups, and the freedom wherein telecommunication wires now opperate.

There is a chance for people to speak out against the FCC on Wednesday in Colombus Ohio. There is going to be a town hall meeting from 530pm to 10pm at the Broad Street Presbyterian Church where people can speak their mind about the current state of the media and the new FCC proposals that will devestate free speech even more. Three FCC commissioners will be in attendance and all public testimony will be recorded for further consideration.

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