Resurgent paramilitary aggression in Chiapas: State and Paramilitary Terrorism

16 Marzo 2007: The situation in Chiapas is very tense and everyday it worsens. What we're seeing is a new policy that brings together paramilitary forces with state and federal governements, the police and the armed forces, to take away the Zapatista's land and provoke a conflict in order to justify an armed incursion. Since early this year the authorities of the zapatista communities in resistance have been denouncing increasingly serious aggressions and threats by the paramilitary organization Opddic ("Organization for the Defense of Indigenous and Peasant Rights").

Alarmed by the situation---which has received very little media attention---an International Informational Brigade was formed at the beginning of March to investigate the accusations and make them public in Mexico and the world. Representatives from Spain, France, Germany, Greece, the US, and Mexico... What they have discovered is an even more alarming situation than was believed. The zapatistas have repeatedly declared that they will defend their lands at all costs, and this is perfectly understandable: it cost them many lives in 1994 and in the following years to recover and maintain those lands. There they have been building all of these years autonomous education and health systems, they have invented new forms of democracy, eradicated alcoholism and drug use, developed networks of just commerce, and, above all, they have taught their children to live with dignity. The serenity with which they have resisted Opddic's provocations is admirable. But it is fair to ask: how much longer can they keep resisting peacefully the violence, the threats, and the humiliations? Everything seems to indicate that Opddic's methods are designed to provoke violence in order to justify a military incursion. | ("voice of the voiceless, voice of the EZLN") (listen to the great interviews on March 2nd and 9th on this topic).


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