Portland March 18th Protest Reports


My take on the March 18th Protest In Portland
I arrived to the protest around noon, decent crowd, however from the moment I arrived there I was puzzled why the seperation of all the groups into different stages. You had the main stage, the youth stage, a couple other makeshift stages with people on bullhorns or PA's addressing their message. Last year's march at the waterfront had one main stage, with some decent speakers and the whole scene had a sense of being united under one cause. Yesterday however, it seemed like the entire movement in portland was splintered, divided, with each group attending to the focus of getting their own message across. Also, where was the outrage? Were was the anger? [read more]

Injured/sprayed yesterday?
Contact the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center (NWCRC) at 503-295-6400. But Most Importantly: have the injury documented by a medical professional (if you don't have access to one, call the street medics at 503-233-3194). If you can't get in to see someone today, have a friend take a picture of the injury (if it's visible such as bruises, cuts, etc.) Use a film camera, if possible. It holds up better in court. If you think you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), please call the medics, they will direct you to resources that can help. Write down everything you remember NOW before you forget the details. [read more]

BLAC K BLOC: From A 55-Year Old Perspective
I went to the anti-war march with my small handy-cam with the sole purpose of video taping police and what they might do to protesters exercising their right to march. I also joined the Black Bloc crowd as an observer, taking lots of video. I showed up at the park blocks and listened to the speakers and marched with the main crowd until finished. I was greatly disappointed in my fellow liberals/progressives because obviously there was no direct action at all planned. Why have a march unless you back it up with direct action? I followed the Black Bloc crowd through downtown and waited with them at the Justice Center facing off the goons. [read more]

The Bumblebees are up to their old tricks
Towards the end of the march a group marched towards Burnside and were stopped infront of Carl Greve's by the police. There was massive use of pepper spray initially. However, once things had calmed down and the police were in their alignments it continued to happen. A woman was standing 4 feet away from the police line of for officers chanting "This is what a police state looks like" she was not flipping the police the finger and she was not using any profanity. She was not asked to move, and she never made any attempt to get closer to the police line. She made no gesture of violence, or of any other kind. She just stood there chanting "This is what a police state looks like" when an officer randomly sprayed pepper spray in her face. [read more]

updates: [ Last detainee released at 3:00am | Solidarity Protest (post anti-war protest) | Portland Police Still Selectively and Tactically Closing Sidewalks! | Where are the protestors now? | Portland Legal Defense Network Updates on Peace March ]

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