Cucapa report from Andres

New Mexico activists set up camp in solidarity with the indigenous Cucapah people of Baja, Mexico

A group of Albuquerque activists have set up camp in the Mexicali region of Baja, Mexico prior to the arrival of La Otra Campaña. La Otra plans to arrive in support of the Cucapah and their fight to regain fishing rights taken by the government. Because of increasing preasure by the paramilitary in Chiapas La Otra has been delayed but will arrive in Baja, as was announced by Delegate Zero in October of 2006.

The camp is going as scheduled and the people are currently fishing. Albeit under the increasing harassment by local police. Activist from Albuquerque who brought down to Baja two converted school buses for the encampment were woken up at 3 am a few days ago and harassed by the police, as reported by a New Mexico Indymedia reporter on the ground with the encampment.


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