In the Jaws of a Predator: Homophobia (again) sinks its teeth into Ray Buckley

Recently, state representative Steve Vaillancourt made unsubstantiated accusations against Ray Buckley on his Manchester public access television show. Vaillancourt accused Buckley of collecting child pornography. Those allegations nearly prevented Buckley from participating in the election for chair of the NH Democratic Party. Now, with the election coming this Saturday, Vaillancourt has assisted in another raid on public perceptions of Ray Buckley. This time, Vaillancourt has provided home video footage of Buckley making off-color remarks. Vaillancourt's comrade in arms, Manchester Republican Joe "Kelly" Levasseur, has added the footage to a Youtube video that attempts to raise again the specter of pedophilia against Buckley. That poor man's propaganda has two purposes: to cost Buckley his chairmanship, and to further embarrass the Democratic Party.


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