Bristol Indymedia: Local Elections Round-Up

2007 Local Election Polling Stations With 4 weeks to go until the May 2007 Local Elections, Bristol Indymedia rounds up recent posts to the newswire. Bristol Indymedia Election Guidelines. The Investigator writes: One of the ex-Bristolian editors has started a website to expose corruption in the Tory party. Sarah CO writes: John Kiely the LIb Dem councillor for Easton is destroying our elderly care services. He is responsible for pushing through a deal to privatise home care services which will inevitably lead to a decrease in working conditions for the home carers and a decrease in quality of service for the clients. (eg.just as it has in public transport, refuse collection etc.) This leaves some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society at risk. The Bristol Blogger writes: Meet Steve Comer ... He’s a Liberal Democrat and a Bristol City Councillor. He’s quite influential in Bristol because he’s an Executive Member and sits on the Cabinet that takes decisions about the city. Steve is a very busy man as he also has another job sitting on the National Executive of the PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union). This is the civil serviçe union dominated by the far left that has a reputation for militancy and robustly taking on New Labour over public service cuts, privatisation, pensions and the growth of fat cat consultants in the public sector. Tacitus writes: OK, we are approaching election time and following a canvaser from the hopeful Neo-Labour guy for Ashley knocking on my door, it reminds me that I want to vote tactically to punish Neo-Labour over Iraq....You can use these links to do your own tactical voting!| Recent Articles: Bristolian starts Tory scandal website | Kiely, Kiely,Kiley OUT OUT OUT! | The strange affair of the Lib Dem Trot | Tactical Voting: Getting Neo-Labour Out! | Earlier Articles: Lib dems – do as we say, not as we do | Bristol local elections: 3rd May 2007 | Bristol Indymedia and the Coming Elections | BRISTOL INDYMEDIA - More 'Votes' Than The Evening Post - PUBLISH YOUR NEWS! | Related Articles: More planning permission due to be given for or Packers Field | Update on Packers Field, BCC and the City Academy..the plot thickens | No Trees for Lockleaze |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar


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