Indymedia Street Video Training @ PSU 4/5/07

Ever wanted to show your friends after an event what really happened? Maybe you like to interview people and want to learn what kind of questions to ask. How about always wanting to do something with your video after and action? Even better, you want to start learning how to take and make video. Well here is your chance! On Thursday, 4/5/07 at 4:30 P.M. at PSU in Smith Memorial Union room 296 there will be an Indymedia street video training for those of you who are interested in this tactic. Everything from what kind of camera's are best for you, to how to shoot, to labeling tapes (a fine art a few of us are still trying to master to this day!) to what you can do with your footage after everything is said and done. Bring you questions, friends, and idea's to a workshop you don't want to miss! All part of a month of workshops going on all over Portland here in April.

Then on Friday 4/6/07 there will be a basic video editing workshop at Reed Rollege Student Activist Office (SAO) in the Gray Campus Room #034 at 4:30 P.M for those of you who would like to take what you have got of the street and show it to the world. The workshop will cover things such as how to import video onto your computer from a camera to exporting you video into a file you can stick onto the internet to show anyone who wants to see it!


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