State Clamps Down On Local Events

Bath cops - ready and waiting LATEST (10:46pm, 20th April): A well placed legal source revealed today that Bath cops 'custody suites' would be closed for the weekend, due to a major operation. Please note that 'custody suite' is a misnomer. You do not get an ensuite bathroom, TV, or mini-bar. You may get your hair pulled, or a kicking, or denied your legal rights though. It would be good if people attending Bath protests could post up info of the events & police behaviour. Full Report Saturday 21st, Party Against Petrol -meet 12 noon at Bath Abbey. 13 Kingston Buildings, Bath BA1 1LTCOMPLAIN TO YOUR MP | JOIN THE PARTYrhubarb bob (5:11pm, 20th April) writes: Early morning raids on established bender sites around Bath. All day more police presence in and around the Georgian Village. Sirens and transits full of the bully boys in blue, looking for climate camp folks in the hedgerows. Full ReportMollie (1:41am, 20th April) writes: Sources indicate a bit of a state clampdown on 2 local 'positive' events - the Bath climate camp, and the latest Bristol Insurgent Art weekender. According to UK Indymedia and confirmed by email ( see here ) Bath Climate Camp was evicted today (19th April) ...but the protests tomorrow & Saturday will still go ahead. Or at least try to. More info at but it aint been updated (understandably). In Bristol it appears the Insurgent Art weekender is being fored into a quick change of venue after their initial choice was the focus of quick legal action - see for new details ... Tread lightly, move fast. Full ReportMore From 5:11pm: rhubarb bob writes: What do THEY fear? Who are THEY? Police effort has clearly been planned and co-ordinated well in advance of the Climate Camp and the story spun by their media officers to the local press.Shame really that when concerned people come together to talk about a brighter greener future that the authorities find it so necessary to arrest them or move them on. Perhaps if they had organised there climate camp in a hotel and conference centre on the other side of the world and all taken first class flights there, worn suits and surrounded themselves with miltary body guards and BIG OIL advisors they would have been allowed to have their climate camp.| Map To Bath Abbey, Sat 21st, 12noon Party Against Petrol | Bath Climate Camp evicted - BUT THE DEMOS ARE STILL HAPPENING! | Bath cops - ready and waiting | State clamps down on local events | | |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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