Impeachment and the War: Washington Legislature

An historic debate about impeachment and the War in Iraq will occur on the floor of the Washington State Senate on Thursday, April 19th at 11 am. There will be a rally at 10 am.

As the second state to call for impeachment through our state legislature, we are providing hope and leadership for the rest of the country. We must keep pushing ahead, and keep impeachment "on the table". Every day that we make our voices heard, we win another step toward restoring democracy.

You need to help.

We have one more week to move the resolution calling for Congress to begin an impeachment investigation (SJM 8016) to a vote in the Washington State Senate.


Democratic leadership can still move SJM 8016, Senator Oemig's bill to investigate President Bush and Vice President Cheney, to the floor for a vote, if they choose. Our intention in this campaign is to send our memorial to the US Congress, not to let our bill rot in committee.

We need to send out a flood of calls and emails to members of the Washington State Senate, asking them to move SJM 8016 to a vote. It is not enough for our Senators to say that they will vote "if SJM 8016 makes it to the floor." We must urge them to actively advocate for a vote, and to lobby their colleagues in favor of SJM 8016 as well.

We need your help this week, to convince leadership to move SJM 8016 to a vote. Here is how you can help:

ACTION --> Call State Senate leadership today. Urge them to provide leadership by moving SJM 8016 to the floor for a vote. Please tell them that we can't wait until the next legislative session to call the Bush Administration into account.

With our current constitutional crisis, we must insist that our Senators exercise their power and influence to support and protect the US Constitution. Remind then that their sworn oath to defend the Constitution is their only oath of office, and their highest calling as a public official.

The eyes of the country are upon them now. SJM 8016 may be the most important legislation they vote on in their entire career. The fate of our country deserves their dedicated efforts now. We want our Senators to go on record now with their votes. We need to send this message daily to all of leadership.

ACTION --> Send an email to the leadership and ask them to provide leadership by moving SJM 8016 to the floor for a vote. :

ACTION --> Bring people from your community to this debate. We are asking that people sitting in the Senate gallery wear something "Guantanamo orange." (Since signs are not allowed in the Senate gallery, we will alert our Senators to our presence by wearing orange.) Please arrange for transportation with people from your community.

Thank you for your timely response to this call to action. Your commitment to the practice of Democracy has inspired me personally, and given me hope that the good people of this country will prevail.

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