Police Waste '£100,000s' On Mistaken Camp

"Police also confirmed their use of phone tapping to one activist: 'Acording to your phone calls, you only expected 10 people at your meeting, but when we there you had 100.' It seems that the police had confused our camp with that of the coming national Climate Camp, this summer - and wasted 100,000s of pounds in the process. The head of this over-zealous policing operation is probably sweating round about now." Led Astray writes: Although the camp part of the Bath Climate Camp was evicted, demonstrations have still continued... Friday 20th April, at 8 am, a group of 8 activists approached the Land and Marine office, to leaflet and banner drop, as part of the advertised blockade. As expected, we met a huge police presence: at least 42 coppers, more in reserve, 10 police vans. they quickly imposed their conditions, no more than 6 activists ... to demonstrate from 8.45 am until 10.45 am, which later extended to 12.30. They tried to move us also, up 30 meters and round the corner, which we refused. Eventually, after frequently checking the site of yesterday's attempted camp opposite, the majority of the police moved on. However, with the combination of the double walls of metal fences encircling the office block, combined with the siege like atmosphere of rows of Avon & Somerset's finest [and the Met...], the vast majority of workers wouldn't have been able to get their work done anyway, so all but about 3 members of staff had been given the day off. The place was empty. Conclusion - Land & Marine were shut down! ... Saturday 21st April. The Party Against Petrol crowd gathered in Bath Abbey at midday to begin what would have been a colourful and noisy protest against car culture and fossil fuels, intending to occupy Lower Bristol Road and the Esso station forecourt there. Around 25-30 activists turned up, and the police, themselves numbering 30 or more, with mounted police again, imposed conditions on the procession: march round the Abbey for 30 mins, then disperse. Well, we did as were told, marched round the Abbey, drumming and dancing and playing football, returned and dispersed... only to form up again and continue the parade, flowing through the police lines easily. Full Article| Bath Climate 'Camp' continues... in our hearts | Previous Front Page | Camp For Climate Action, Aug 14-21st 2007 |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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