Occupation at Whakakoro

Ko te maunga, Ko te Awa, Ko te Tangata, He kopu puta tahi. "We all have made our sacrifices to make this stand and will continue to do so on behalf of the other whanau who are away and on behalf of the generations to come. We dont do this for MONEY, we do this for the return of the whenua o Tatau Tupuna," writes Richard Murray. Ngati Haua is occupying their ancestral Maunga Whakakoro in the far north of Aotearoa to stop it from being alienated from the Hapu (tribe) forever. In 1992 Whakakoro was occupied in protest over Whakakoro being sold by 3rd generation farmer Frank Geddes to 4 million dollar lotto winner Robert Buchanan for $700 000.00. In 2005 He it was sold for $4.5 million to high profile property developer Kim Spencer who had intensions of subdividing Whakakoro into 33 blocks and selling those blocks off for approx 1 million dollars each but who sold it to Philip Parker. Parker was invited to Whangape Marae to introduce himself and said that he was not given any information about Ngati Haua and their claim to Whakakoro. He is currently taking legal proceedings against Kim Spencer and others that lured him into this dispute. He supports our claim to have the land returned and has cancelled the sale as a result. The financiers, bankers, Property developers are all trying to get themselves out of the financial mess they are in. "We need to stop the mortgagee tender by first mortgagers Property Funding Ltd and brokered by Barfoot and Thompson which closes at the end of the month. We need to stop any Property developers purchasing this property and putting our way of life at risk. We need to discourage buyers from this area and tell them the truth that this land belongs to Ngati Haua. This land is your birthright handed down by our Tupuna. We will do what ever it takes to have it returned. Come and join the occupation!" Links: Whangape | More information | Return of the Whenua o tatau Tupuna

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