Duck Hunting Season Opens Without a Bang!

To mark the start of duck hunting season 2007 Auckland Animal Action held a demo/occupation of a South Auckland wetland. We approached the hunters and attempted to discuss the ethics of hunting and the reasons behind their involvement however the hunters were not willing to comment on their own motivations other than to say “because we do.” After growing tired of getting nowhere with the hunters we decided to try a new tactic of blocking the only boat access at that point of the wetland. Banners were held over the boat ramp reading “Ban blood sports” and “big guns = small dicks.” Expecting us to move, two hunters backed their boat in to our blockade forcing us in to the water. After much pushing and shoving the hunters attempted to launch their boat, at this point two people grabbed hold of the boat and refused to let go for two hours. During this time there were several attempts to launch their boat but we held on tight knowing that the time we delayed them meant less time that they could be killing and maiming. At times the motor was started with us still holding on as they attempted to reach their mai mai, however we were successful in getting their boat back to shore several times until they finally managed to get away. Links: Video | Auckland Animal Action | click more for photos

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