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June 2007: G8 at Heiligendamm. Join the Global Resistance! wsf global radio nodes

latest news... Rostock Germany, first great demonstration >>> Confrontation at Germany for G8 summit >>> G-8 Rostock. We will not provoke police, but we'll respond if they attack, an activist says >>> G8, panic : police confiscates bikes

Follow the counter-summit through G8-TV

June demonstrations against capitalism and G8 in Barcelona

*Resistant Art Festival* (RAF)

Invitation to the “Yellow Barrio” (G8-Camp), May 31th – June 9th 2007, near Heiligendamm/Germany + G-8 2007: Open convergence center + International Day for Direct Action against climate change and G8 + Stop to the nazi demonstration during G8 at Schwerin

Media >> Counter-summit info coverage for free radios + Mataro Against G8 : local infopoint to alternative media June 6 -8 + G8-TV: Revolution can be televised! + G8: Independent Media Activities + G8: The independent media center needs economic support + 12 hours of music against the G8 [sound.disidència]*

Demonstration against g8 from June 2 at Rostock: The difference between living it and reading it. The G8 meeting + The alterglobalization protest against the G8 summit are supposed to be renewed + June 2007: A vast march of demonstrators of the whole world... + Why demonstrate against capitalism and the G8 in Barcelona? + In the next months Europe will live a deep social unrest + As we were: a reflexion about counter-summit, rites, new technologies andnetworks + Activists against neoliberal globalization enlist protest against G8 + Who owes to whom? Mobilization against G8 and the profit-making empire

+info : germany imc >>> >>>

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