What are you afraid of?

Excuse the dangling participle in the title of this essay, but I really don't care about being grammaticly correct right now; I have a war to help stop! and I will make no apologies for my own tactics of recent months in trying to steer public opinion toward feeling obligated to help stop the U.S. imperialism that continues to occupy Iraq and threatens to bomb civillian populations in Iran and elsewhere in the world; I don't give a shit about being politically correct either (But I guess you may have already figured that out), and I am not sorry for using language you might find offensive. Let's cut to the chase... I am writing this to tell you to shut the fuck up!!! If you are not willing to get out of your comfort zone and start taking action to stop the endless war that the multi-national corporatists are waging on the common people of planet Earth, then stop complaining about it. Quit forwarding emails from Move On and True Majority and UFPJ or whoever; quit blogging about how you hate the Iraq War; quit bitching about how your Representatives and Senators don't represent you; quit trying to convince Cindy Sheehan to change her mind about leaving the "peace movement" (It's your own fault for not truly backing her up); just quit.

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