"Right To Return" Returns! UFPJ Commissars Left Sputtering In Dust!

Weak-kneed New York Liberal outfit finally dragged kicking and screaming into Palestinian liberation struggle; still tries to stifle voices for the Right To Return. Huh, yeah; that's what this reporter thought, too — some friggin' hope. Parents of Rachel Corrie declare "We're not going away!"; Iron Sheik, Arab Summit avert speechification boredom with hellacious hip-hop. Vibe of the day energetic, 180 degrees from January 27th tedium — in spite of UFPJ's best efforts. MPEG4 video, 12 min 52 sec., 26mb download WSQT Guerilla Radio Reports: SDS Forcibly Excluded From Rally by Capitol Cops; mp3 audio 03 min 03 sec.

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