Crying Through "Sicko"


On July 4th I walked with my sister through the park by the Willamette river to Eugene's Valley River Center mall to see Michael Moore's new film "Sicko." Arriving at Regal Cinemas early, we were subjected to two right-wing propaganda ads against marijuana and for the National Guard. Both made me angry. I wondered if the theater owner had decided to stick it to us lefties.

Reviews of "Sicko" have not done justice to its huge emotional impact. This is a four handkerchief movie, and unfortunately I only took two. I was either crying or laughing through most of it. Moore is a master at making you feel what he wants you to feel, and deftly inserting leftist ideas into the American mind. You come out of the theater smiling. It's only later that the outrage at his intended target sets in.


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