Ashton Court, Venue and the 11ft Fence Festival

Venue Magazine Attacks ACF critics "Middle-class, middle-aged white men who control Venue Magazine attack critics of middle-class, middle-aged white men who control ACF. Quel suprise! ... And Venue Magazine? Well, I suggest that this time round you appoint a fellow clapped-out 1980's vintage Clifton trendy as Editor. They might last more than nine months, if they don't rock the boat with any new fangled ideas about that internet thing, people under 40 or suchlike." From Venue Magazine: "In recent weeks local newsgroups, blogs and other online soapboxes speak of nowt else but how terrible it's all become. Some of the comment is informed and sympathetic to an event struggling to survive in the face of a chickenshit avalanche of red tape. Much of it is breathtakingly ignorant and chippy. A minority of fools posting on Bristol Indymedia ... are the worst. Here wigged-out trustafarians wrapping their clueless irresponsibility in the cloak of 'anarchy' and complaining of corporate sell-out, profiteering, conspiracy and worse."Jozer writes: Only 4 days now until the Bristol Community Festival takes place, with an 11ft fence to keep the community, and their shop bought beer, out. I have been a vocal critic of this, and have been critised for slagging off the ACF organisers from my armchair, which is a fair enough. People like me are really trying to slam the stable door well after the horse has bolted, legged it over the county border, met a nice mare, settled down to raise a couple of foals and died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 86. More recent comment on this site have suggested that this will be the last festival, as i it will finally collapse in on it's own financial illogic ... What is clear to me is that the organisers have not heard the saying 'when you're in a hole, stop digging' ... It is also a fact that the BYO alcohol ban was announced after tickets had gone on sale .... The unavoidable suspicion is that the real reason was that it was part of the comittee's deal with the bar providers. Full Article. From The Comments: Amused writes: It always amuses me that when political activists & commentators, anarchist or otherwise, begin to have an impact/effect on the corporate & state structures and their 'plans', the abuse we get becomes ever more bitter, and indeed absurd. What scares them is when our opinions and ideas start to become reflected in, or merge with those of, the wider population. With Ashton Court this is clearly the case. Everyone can see its a cock-up, and everyone can see we are being asked to pay for it ... The failure of ACF is a serious problem for those who like to big up Bristol as a profitable cultural happening place - the music business, the media, and the council ... For whilst corporate capitalism fear to an extent both the ACF & carnival, they know they need them too. The question for them is how do they control them and ensure they contribute to overall big business growth? Well at the moment they have clearly got it wrong. The question for us is are we able to offer any alternative ideas to replace what the ACF & carnival have become? Full Comment| Ashton Court Festival | Recent Articles: More on the Ashton Court Alcohol "Ban" | Ashton Court and the alcohol ban | Ashton Court Fence Party | Ashton Court Festival alcohol ban | Ashton Court Latest - Ticket price hike | Ashton Court To Go-Ahead - Well Sort Of | Related Front Page: South West Free Summer Festivals |Contribute An Article | How To Contribute Articles - A Brief Guide | Add To The Calendar

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