August 18th: Protest Anti-Immigrant Racists!

SAVE THE DATE—Saturday, August 18 and be prepared to turn out and protest. The racist anti-immgrant group, "Washingtonians for Immigration Reform" along with the John Birch Society and the Minutemen plan to hold their second march through Seattle.

At this point, we do not yet know where they plan to assemble, as they are trying to organize their demonstration under cover of secrecy. They do not want anyone to confront them as they spread their racist message of blaming immigrant workers for the social problems of crime, poverty and unemployment while attempting to reverse the process of a genuine immigration reform that respects workers’ dignity, rights, and families and provides a path to citizenship.

ANSWER is working to find out exactly when and where the anti-immigration demonstration will take place on August 18, in order that the maximum number of anti-racist activists can come out and show our support for immigrant rights. In the meantime, we hope that you will save the date and spread the word. As more information becomes available, we will post updates in the following places:

Seattle Indymedia
ANSWER Seattle
Seattle Activism

Washingtonians for Immigration Reform held its first march in Seattle on June 23. This march was also supported and attended by the Minutemen Civil Defense vigilante group, the Reagan Wing right group and others. They were confronted with a diverse group of counter-demonstrators that grew in number over time. Many youth joined the counter-protest off the street. WFIR feels their first march was a big success and they have been emboldened by the experience. The following week, the Minuteman America Defense held a “Summit” in Everett at which various politicians came to seek the support of the racist anti-immigrant movement. Again, they were confronted by anti-racist protestors from Snohomish and King Counties.

These groups are trying hard to create a cover of respectability in their intervention into the immigration debate. In their own internal communications, they have instructed their followers to refrain from using racist slurs, and are trying to avoid the appearance of a connection to white supremacist organizations. WFIR sent an email to supporters urging them to “use good judgment” in posting information about the upcoming march, as earlier postings to certain sites and forums had “perhaps done us more harm than good.” One such posting was to the website of American Renaissance, an openly white supremacist site. Nonetheless, they have invited and confirmed that Todd Maynard of Washington State John Birch Society and the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps will be in attendance. Immigrant rights are civil rights and human rights. We need to assert our solidarity; we all face the same enemy, a system that is trying to divide and conquer by scape-goating immigrants. There are no borders in the workers’ struggle—if corporations can travel across borders to seek higher profits, so workers should be free to move to where we can get the highest rate of pay for our labor.

SAVE THE DATE—Saturday, August 18 and be prepared to turn out. RSVP your commitment to the counter protest to

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