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Warm Greetings, This is the first update from the Supporters of Nathan and Joyanna for some time. We have been waiting to send further updates until they could speak for themselves. Firstly, Nathan and Joyanna have elected to now return to the names that they chose for themselves years ago, Exile and Sadie.

After having been sentenced on June 1st to 92 months each, they are both faring well as they transition into the bizarre labyrinth of Federal Prison. They have elegantly endured this first month since their absurdly punitive sentencing. Finally out of Lane County, they find themselves in different circumstances on the move to their final prison assignments.

Both have asked that folks hold off on sending books but always welcome mail. We strongly encourage you to send images at this time, particularly pictures and drawings of the natural world as well as spiritual imagery and depictions of spiritual practice. Words may not be the most useful tools for assuaging the alienation they must both be feeling at this time.

First Epistle: Phoenix From the Flames, By Sadie and Exile: "Now that we have been sentenced we have the opportunity to ease our reticence concerning our situation and would like to candidly address a few points... "

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