Tonight- 7 p.m. Conscientious Objector Just Released from Prison to Speak at PSU

Join us at 7pm tonight, Wednesday, July 11th, for an extended forum with Agustín Aguayo and other Iraq Veterans Against the War at the Multicultural Center (Room 228) located in the Smith Memorial Student Center on the Portland State University campus. You will have a chance to hear first hand Aguayo's story: his experiences in Iraq, in prison, and his participation in the GI resistance movement.

Bio: Agustin Aguayo went AWOL (absent without leave) last summer after being ordered to return to Iraq for a second deployment. He had previously spent a year there, where he refused to load his gun no matter how dangerous the situation. He had applied for Conscientious Objector status but was denied. He was subsequently sentenced by the military to 8 months in military prison, and was finally released in April 2007.

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