7/21! Check Out What's Happening at the Summer Really Really Free Market!

Everyone's favorite open-air bazaar and community celebration returns this summer with a vengeance! The Summer Really Really Free Market is ready to have fun fighting capitalism AND boredom, BUT needs YOU to help make it the best one yet!

It's gonna be a hot summer! Come cool off at the Summer Really Really Free Market with:


  • provided by the friendly folks at freegan.info!


  • tarot card readings!
  • free social work!
  • freegan bike repair!
  • advice booth!
  • know your rights legal trainings!
  • how to brew your own soda!
  • haircuts!
  • reportbacks & video on latin american anarchy!


  • the rude mechanical orchestra!
  • dj suggested d!
  • pinatas!

and always...


  • lots of it!



Swap goods (You know, the stuff that is too good to throw away but you shouldn't keep), share skills, give presents, eat food, hang out, dance, and have fun—all for free!

Nothing will be for sale!

If you have a skill to share, stuff to give away, a crazy art thing to do, music to play, an idea for entertainment or a topic to discuss; email us soon and let us know what you are planning! Otherwise, plan on bringing your own table or blanket and coming and going as you please, and if you want contact us, just e-mail: inourhearts@gmail.com

Show up to St. Mark's Church with something to share, and let this be another step in our movement towards a really, really free world. Bring friends and gifts, leave your wallet at home.


It's not too late! Do you have a skill to share? A service to provide? Music to play? Food, info, or stuff to share?

Everyone's favorite open-air bazaar and community celebration returns this summer with a vengeance! The Summer Really Really Free Market is ready to have fun fighting capitalism AND boredom, BUT needs YOU to help make it the best one yet!

Stuff to consider bringing, services you many consider providing:

music (bands/musicians --acoustic), food (vegan/vegetarian), clothes, books, movies (vhs/dvd), recorded music (tapes, cds), computer software, kitchen supplies, electronics, plants, instruments, picture frames, office supplies, candles, knick knacks, toys, jewelry, info (info-sessions on groups, political prisoners, movements, etc), skillshares (hands-on stuff like how-to change a bike tire, make sushi, make a stencil, get social services, etc. etc.), and services (massage, haircuts, reiki, etc. etc.)


What is The Really REALLY Free Market? It’s like a large community-wide garage sale, except everything is FREE! Yes, that’s right, FREE! Everyone is invitied to bring things to GIVE AWAY!

So this is like bartering or trading, right? Nope. Bartering and trading go something like this: I’ve got this great shirt here, what can you offer me for it? The RRFM goes something like this: I’ve got this really great shirt here. I don’t really wear it anymore, but I’d hate to see it go to waste. Do you want it? Great! Here, it’s yours!

Why would i want to do a thing like that? Because you have too many things already! Because you’re just going to throw it away anyway. Because it FEELS GOOD! Do you have things cluttering up your home? Maybe some stuff that you don’t use anymore, but you know that someone else would probably love. One person’s trash can truly be another person’s treasure!

What should I bring? Bring *your thing* to the RRFM, whatever that is!Material goods, food or drinks, a service to provide,a skill you have that you want to teach to others, a performance, or anything else!

What if I don’t have anything to give away? Everyone has something to give to others. The RRFM isn’t just about giving away *stuff.* What is it that you do? Why not come to the RRFM and find a way to do it for others, except this time for free just for the fun of it. As a gift to others, as a gift to yourself. It’s a way of reclaiming meaning in your job, to give it as a gift, unmediated by commerce.

Who runs the RRFM? Well, the RRFM consists of the sum of its participants. The gift you bring to the event, helps create what the event is for others, just as what others bring to the event, creates what the event is for you. That said, there are some folks who came together to help create the structure for the RRFM to work. But it is our hope that soon enough, our role within the RRFM will be the same as everyone else’s. That is, that each of us decides our own level of involvement.

The RRFM is yours! Take advantageous of that. Make it what you want it to be! If you want to see something happening at the RRFM that isn’t already happening, than make it happen! If you want to see more people coming to the RRFM, help spread the word! Send emails to your friends, make and distribute flyers, talk to people about the RRFM.

Please help us keep the RRFM a 100% FREE and non-commercial event. Let’s come together and forget about trading, bartering, and money. Leave the business cards at home and remember the joy of giving for the sake of giving.

Help us keep the courtyard at St. Mark's clean as we found it! If no one takes what you brought, please bring it home with you. If you like what you just read, get involved! Come to the RRFM! Bring your own gifts to share! Spread the info, and get more people involved! The RRFM takes YOU to make it happen.

For photos from the last RRFM, go here:

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