Art Action to hold day of free expression in Victory Park, Manchester

Temporary and Topical is a one day public art event taking place in Manchester, NH's Victory Park on Saturday, July 14th. The hours of the park event are between 11am and 6pm. The event is not your typical "art in the park" spectator event. Temporary and Topical is an experiment in free artistic expression, direct involvement and participation. All artists (painters, sculptors, writers, poets, activists, scholars, dancers, performers etc.) are free to express their vision on any topical issues they wish. Artists are provided with a theme: Art as Agent of Social Change, a place (the park) a time, and with a little luck an eager and receptive audience. The success of this event depends largely on the independent involvement of artists. A CALL TO ALL, A CALL TO ALL, THIS IS AN OPEN CALL TO ALL ARTISTS TO FREELY PARTICIPATE IN A PUBLIC ARTS EVENT FOCUSED ON YOU MAXIMIZING YOUR FREE CREATIVE EXPRESSION. (from

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