Eyes Wide Open, Its Not A Game Of Chess

THE WAR IN IRAQ IS LIKELY LOOKED AT AS A GAME OF CHESS BY THE POWERFUL WAR-MONGERS WHO LIED AND LED SO MANY TO SENSELESS DEATH. The horrors of this illegal war, now occupation, are not for these powerful decision makers or their families. They just give the orders. The horrors for the most part are for the middle income and poor folks, the working class who fight and get killed.

EYES WIDE OPEN is an exhibit that offers a place of reverance for ALL who have fallen in the Iraq War...

This particular photo was captured by Arcata, CA resident Ruth Boyle who stopped by this year's Eyes Wide Open exhibit in Medford, Oregon. Ruth was early and volunteers were scampering about setting things up for the display. For this photograph the early light was just right...

Ruth Boyle's photograph is more than the result of someone just pushing the shutter button on a camera. This is art. Looking at the photo can lead to some heavy contemplation about war, death and some people's games.


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