2 Eugene Film Premiers of "Boom, Bust & The BLM"

The new film, "Boom, Bust and the BLM" premieres this month with local screenings in Ashland, Roseburg, Portland and other venues across the Pacific Northwest. Two Eugene screenings are being held Monday, July 16 @ 6pm at the Eugene Public Library and Thursday, July 19 @ 7pm at Cozmic Pizza (8th/Charnelton). Film is free and open to the public.

Boom, Bust and the BLM is a locally produced film that sheds light on the BLM's Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR) and the dubious political wrangling behind it. The result of a sweetheart settlement with industry, the WOPR seeks to remove already weak Northwest Forest Plan protections for old-growth forests and the rivers and streams that flow through them on over 2.5 million acres of public land. The BLM's move has stirred immense controversy among rural landowners, scientists and conservation groups.

The timber industry filed a weak lawsuit against the Clinton administration, which the BLM staunchly defended until the Bush administration reversed the position and caved to industry demands. The administration agreed to consider removing the limited protections afforded by the NW Forest Plan by the end of Bush's term.

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