Palestine from a Socialist perspective

As we had already predicted, Hamas defeated Fatah in the recent civil war in Gaza. Fatah supporters could but beg Israel for assistance as they were driven out of city after city, village after village in the Gaza Strip, until their eventual defeat. The traditionally dominant and organised presence of Fatah in the Gaza strip has been wiped out. Fatah's leading clique in Gaza around Mohamed Dahlan had lost most of its popular support over the last few years but it was clinging on through control of the Security forces.

This victory of Hamas would not have been possible without a massive turn of the Palestinian masses both in Gaza and in the West Bank against Fatah and the leaders of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA) after more than a decade of extreme corruption and collaboration with imperialism and the Israeli government against their own people.

Anniversary of Second Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

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