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I went to the courthouse on Tuesday to sit in on the first stage of their trial for the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies, Blood n Roses Protest. That was the one where they spilled fake blood on the sidewalk in front of the Recruiting Office on NE Broadway on April 5 2007. Three Of Six Grannies were in the Courthouse last Tuesday
Starting the court process for their Black Friday Vigil
Known as "Blood and Roses"

There were three Grannies there and three others who were out of town and had their lawyers there for them. They petitioned the court to have a consolidated trial at a latter date. In fact that date will be 9-28-07 or if that becomes impossible then it will be 10-8-07.

The Charges are "Criminal Mischief III" and "unlawfully applying graffiti."

Here is my YouTube video of that event in the first stage of the protest:  link to

I hope the courtroom is full on September 9th... .

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