Frontline footage from the Riot of Rostock

Hello friends, I learned a lot about what can happen on the streets while I was in Germany. This video shows the power we had over the police that day, if only for a few beautiful hours. I believe all of us up here, in cities across the North West, can find something meaningful in these images.

A lot of us have fallen into our lives, living them exactly as we want to live them. Unable to effectively resist the system and actualize our collective dreams, we instead actualize our own dreams. And, much of the time, we are not on the streets. We have seen too much infigthing, pettiness, authority, back-stabbing and outright hijaking to want to ever return to those peace-policed streets. As we were being gassed, beaten, maced, sexually assaulted, paralyzed, brain damaged and traumatised, people called us "childish" and labelled us "agents provoctours." Since well before 1999 our people have been following the same pattern of burnout, one year at a time. Either we burn out, we dissapear into our own close-nit projects or we concentrate on building up what is around us. In any case, we are not on the streets. Why?

If we are there to answer those questions ourselves (rather than recently pied dingbats) people might just find something in one anarchist idea or other. That something, soon, just as it happened to us, will make them begin to question everything. Oh, incedently, a revolution is well underway in Europe.

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