Democrats Kill Democracy: Ironic, Isn’t It?

A few weeks ago, I met with Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) to ask why he does not support impeachment. His view was that many Presidents violated the Constitution, so what was the big deal? Besides, he said, Bush and Cheney will be repudiated in the 2008 election.
At the time, I thought this was bizarre—no actually, I thought it was stupid. The 2008 election will not be about Bush and Cheney, I told him. He just rolled his eyes at my apparent naiveté.

I felt a deep sadness as I drove home but was unable to articulate it. It was something more than Smith's refusal to support impeachment. I had not gone into that meeting with an expectation that he would agree to live up to his oath of office. Maybe what made my heart hurt was the realization that I had become cynical?

Later that week brought another round of political realities. Give us money, begged former President and now multi-millionaire, Bill Clinton in a letter with the requisite fear-inducing photos of the evil-doers—Bush-Cheney-Rove. With the money, he assured me, the Democrats would really hold their "feet to the fire." The Democrat's plan? Ads. Yes, that's it. Every time Bush-Cheney-Rove abuse their power, the Democrats will buy an ad. That should fix those Republicans pandering to the right wing extremists!!

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