Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility for vandalism

In an anonymous communique, a cell of the Animal Liberation Front, takes credit for the vandalism at the home of OHSU vivisector Eliot Spindel.

Repost from Warning Issued to Oregon Health Sciences Vivisector Stop Killing Infant Primates and Wasting Millions on Uselss Smoking Research

Lake Oswego, OR- In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, activists claim to have visited the home of Oregon Health Sciences primate vivisector Eliot Spindel, issuing a warning to stop killing infant monkeys after addicting their mothers to Nicotine, purportedly to demonstrate the ill effects of cigarette smoking in pregnancy. "ALF Eyes on You" was apparently spray-painted on Spindel's garage, and one vehicle was covered with a caustic chemical.

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