Interfaith Peace Walk Towards a Nuclear Free Future

Peace Walkers Arrested at Nuclear Bomb Factory: Four participants in an 86-day walk from Dublin to London for a nuclear-free future have been arrested today at AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) Aldermaston in Berkshire. They were protesting against the ongoing expansion at the facility. The walkers were arrested just after lunchtime at the Aldermaston base, after a 10-mile walk beginning in Theale, on the outskirts of Reading. Upon reaching Tadley Gate, the walkers assembled for a vigil when some members of the party decided to sit down and link in front of the gate in order to block incoming and out-going construction traffic. It was a symbolic gesture of defiance against the might of the state and military-industrial complex. Officers from Thames Valley police and the MoD, acting as accomplices to the base's illegal preparations for nuclear war, swiftly prised the peacekeepers apart before handcuffing them and dragging them off to a waiting van.

One of the arrested, Daniel Viesnik, 32, from London, who has walked the full 825 miles from Dublin, says: "The UK government's decision to spend tens of billions of pounds of taxpayers' money upgrading the Trident system is illegal, immoral and will further destabilize global security." Today's action was carried out in solidarity with Block the Builders, who have been carrying out regular blockades at Aldermaston since last year, in opposition to the ongoing construction of the new multi-million pound Orion laser system at the site.

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