Another NEW Natural Gas Pipeline Proposed

As Houston-based energy developers try to convince rural Oregon and Washington to accept LNG development, we are now learning that NW Natural and Transcanada are the real players in this ill-advised scheme. The companies announced their intention to build the Palomar Gas Transmission Project, which will extend from Madras through Molalla to Bradwood in the Lower Columbia River.

The project, being sold as a way to increase supply diversity for the Pacific NW, conspicuously provides access for proposed Columbia River LNG terminals to the California natural gas market. The project is too large for Oregon, and undoubtedly will facilitate Oregon becoming the "backdoor" for importing new, expensive, foreign fossil fuel supplies into California. The Palomar Project is a classic "bait and switch", where Oregonians are duped into permitting a project that ultimately results in a second pipeline crossing dozens of salmon-bearing streams, thousands of acres of private property through the threat of eminent domain, and small communities with little emergency response capacity. The pipeline conspicuously ends in Bradwood, the site of the fastest-moving LNG proposal in Oregon (competing with a proposal in Warrenton and Coos Bay).

Call Governor Ted Kulongoski today, and tell him that you OPPOSE LNG on the Columbia River, and that the State cannot meet its renewable energy goals while allowing its utilities to lock ratepayers into more expensive, excessive fossil fuel infrastructure. The Palomar Project and Columbia River LNG are both terrible projects for Oregon, and threaten to undermine the Governor's work towards reducing our reliance on foreign fossil fuels. Governor's Office: - Energy Advisor, Peter Cogswell

The upcoming Convergence For Climate Action appears to take on some of these issues. It's right across the river from where this pipeline would launch at Bradwood. It looks like people are getting together to oppose these projects. Check out and

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