Locals Spur on National Fast, Urging Congress to Cancel the Debts of Impoverished Nations

September 6, 2007—Today marks the first of a 40-day fast led by retired campus minister and long-time social activist Rev. David Duncombe, of White Salmon, Washington. He will drink only water as he fasts and lobbies on Capitol Hill to win support for the Jubilee Act, a bill that would cancel the debts of 67 of the poorest countries and establish responsible lending practices for the future.

Last month, local organization Jubilee Oregon hosted Rev. Duncombe for a special send-off, in which local Portlanders agreed to fast in solidarity for one or more days. Local organizations endorsing the fast include: the Jubilee committee of Witness for Peace, St John the Baptist, Ainsworth United Church of Christ, the Interfaith Council and the Spiritual Life Center of Portland State University.

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