Harrisburg, PA Anti-Immigration Rally A Huge Bust -- But At Least The Nazis Had A Good Time

Well, we learned a few things at the Voice of the (Few) People (VOTP) rally in Harrisburg, PA. One, it doesn't take much effort on our part to turn an anti-immigration rally to an anti-DLJ rally! Two, that might be due to the fact that it also didn't take much effort on our part to make this particular group look like the racist nimrods they were with their more than obvious ass-kissing of the assorted Nazis that were there. Three, something is wrong with this group. After this weekend, we are convinced that VOTP is destined to become the comic relief of the entire anti-immigration campaign. If anyone associates with them or even takes them seriously, ya gotta wonder about them too. As it is, that feeling may be shared by a lot of folks because, thanks in no small part to us, this rally was decimated. There were supposed to be much, much more than the 150 that came out to this thing, and definitely more speakers. In the end, what was supposed to have been the largest anti-immigration rally in Pennsylvania history became the most laughable. And once again, VOTP founder Daniel Smeriglio hit us with a gem when he "called out" DLJ from the podium. Now first he runs away from DLJ at the Morristown rally when he questions him about racist activist John Clark's participation in the Harrisburg rally. Then he makes some claim that he is going to post our "founder's" (DLJ) criminal record on line, even though he doesn't have one, despite the claims by Bill White and Hal Turner to have obtained it, the only one's who ever have. Now Smeriglio is saying that DLJ called him a child molester? Dan, Dan Dan….where in all hell did you get this from? For the record, he was called nothing of the sort, at least not by anyone in OPP, but we guess when you are a wannabe politician and your big rally just got flushed down the toilet, you have to save face somehow. So why not lie about some accusation that was never made, eh? Oh, well. This is why we call them boneheads. Speaking of which, we cannot close without giving a special shout-out to our friends in Keystone State "Skinheads" and the assorted Nazi lot that turned out. They are claiming it was a good day for them, and they are absolutely right. It was - for them. We, however, had bigger fish to fry in VOTP and the bonehead crowd was simply the oil. VOTP could have simply distanced themselves from them, but one, the Nazis were the majority that came out for the anti-immigration crowd, and two, organizers made hatemongers a part of the rally in the first place! It was a good way to end the summer, but a good sign that the heat will be around well into the fall. We can hardly wait to see what comes next!

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