From 9/11 To the September 'Surge': Towards a War Without End?

As General David Petraeus carries Bush Administration water on Capitol Hill, the Indypendent and NYC Indymedia take a loom back at previous coverage of the surge and Petraeus' checkered career.

Meet Gen. David Petraeus: His Militia Strategy Plunged Iraq Into a Civil War, And Now He’s Back for More (June 2007): "If any one general symbolizes the failure that is Iraq, it is Petraeus."

Bush’s Iraq Strategy for 2007: A Second Civil War or Genocide (January 2007): "The Bush administration settled on a surge of extra troops not to prevent defeat on the military battlefield of Iraq – the war has long been lost – but defeat on the political battlefield at home."

Escalating the Antiwar Movement? (February 2007): "After four years of marching, Iraq War opponents look to ramp up resistance."

Meanwhile, NYC Indymedia and the Indypendent looks back at their past coverage of September 11, from 2001 until today. As Mike Burke noted on September 13, 2001, "wouldn’t fighting terror with terror propel the nation, and indeed the world, into a war where there may be no winners?"

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