Reports from first week in Eric McDavid's Trial

Monday was was the first day of Eric's trial. The morning was taken up by jury selection and then a break for lunch. After lunch we heard both sides' opening statements and the first prosecution witness.

After lunch the US Attorney Steve Lapham began his opening arguments, which he describes as a preview of the government's case. The US Attorney (USA) began his preview with the words "this case is about an ecoterror plot to use fire and explosives to attack targets in Northern California". He said that Eric was the leader of this conspiracy and that he recruited the three, pumped them up and provide "philosophical indoctrination".

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FBI Informant "AnnA" - Status: ACTIVE
Day 2: The entire day was taken up by US Attorney Steve Lapham's direct examination of the government informant known as "Anna". The prosecution asked for an order that she be referred to as "Anna" through the trial and that her real name never be used. The defense did not object and the order was granted.

After being sworn in and identifying Eric McDavid as "an anarchist I met while working undercover for the FBI", she told her story of how she came to be an "employee" of the Bureau. She said she was a 17 year old sophomore at a junior college in Florida who wanted to impress her political science professor with an extra credit project. She heard in the news about the FTAA protests in Miami and decided to infiltrate it for her project.

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damn the man comments: this trial is truly of utmost importance right now. we have all always known that there are police informants and FBI agents running around at the protests and sitting in on meetings, but here is the FBI paying a person to attempt to create terrorist threats so that the federal government can pose for "victories" in the "war on terrorism."

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