Trials Begin for Green Scare Defendants Rod Coronado and Eric McDavid

Rod Coronado's trial started Monday, September 10, with a 9am jury selection. Coronado is being prosecuted by the federal government for a public speech he gave in 2003 in San Diego. During a question and answer period following the speech, he was asked about previous direct action he has taken in defense of animals and the environment. The government is employing a rarely used statute to prosecute Coronado that relies on the intent of the speaker to foment criminal activity. Rod Coronado has been affiliated with many environmental and animal rights organizations, beginning with his work with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the late 1980's. read more >> | read court report

Eric McDavid's trial started on Tuesday, September 11 and will continue on Monday, September 17th at 9am. On September 11th, supporters learned that Eric McDavid has been given commissary again. This is seen as "the first step towards a stable vegan diet for Eric." During the court date on September 11th, US Attorney Steve Lapham asked questions of the government informant known as "Anna" ... Read more from Indybay

Updates on both cases from Portland Indymedia | pdx-imc's Green Scare page

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