Photos: Protest Against Bush at UN and March to Washington Square

About 1000-1500 people protested Bush at the UN.

Led by a coalition of groups, about 1000-1500 people protested Bush at the UN as world leaders filed by on First Avenue (the ex President of Mexico Vicente Fox stopped by to chat. The current Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel did not).

Speakers included representatives from World Can't Wait, Code Pink, and from several of the NYC area colleges and universities and would have gone on except that the permit was pulled early. 15 people were arrested, most as part of a planned civil disobedience. Several, however were pulled out at random.

About 500 people, mostly high school and college students, then proceded to march from the UN to Washington Square Park. Except for one arrest near the end near the Washington Square Gate, the police didn't interfere with the march. There was, however, quite possibly the heaviest police videotaping of an anti-war march I've personally seen since the RNC demonstrations, odd considering that the march was mostly made up of high-school kids.

A few additional photos here.

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