Peter Young Report Back

Peter Young and Will Potter spoke at the Clinton St Theater on Thursday night. They talked about the struggle for the rights of animals, and the oppression against those of us who care about that struggle. This oppression is being orchestrated by both corporate and government officials (who are, increasingly, almost one and the same).
Both Potter and Young discussed the campaign of terror that corporate/govt forces are using against people who care about the non-human beings who share this planet with us. Potter pointed out that the recent green scare oppression has had no impact whatsoever on underground activists. He illustrated this point with an anecdote about animal activists liberating a group of rabbits, the day after the SHAC trials. They named six of the rabbits Josh, Lauren, Kevin, Darius, Jake, and Andy, after the SHAC defendants, and issued the following statement:

"This liberation is dedicated to the SHAC-7 and was done in direct response to the government's assault on them. Not a single member of the judge, jury and prosecution have the compassion, the conviction, or the courage of any of those six individuals, and they never will. In this sick culture, we know that every day the sick, the stupid, and the evil bully and destroy those who are far their better. Every lab, farm and fur animal, every poisoned wild bird, every beaten child, every raped woman knows this. The case of the SHAC-7 is no different.

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