Stop Eugene, Oregon Nike Landbank

Stop Nike Landbank: Nike eminent domain efforts may face a recall election in Eugene. Alan Zelenka's advocacy in favor of eminent domain for Dave Frohnmayer's proposed expansion of campus and replacement of Mac Court is having an increasingly detrimental effect on the Fairmount neighborhood.

Councilor Zelenka's willingness to publicly support the massive, yet-to-be-determined UO expansion and land acquisition scheme warrants a recall effort. The UO has not disclosed the scope of their eminent domain intentions and future development plans, leaving citizens no choice but to gather signatures leading to a recall election of Alan Zelenka. Eminent domain abuse has run rampant across the country, and it should not be abused in Eugene.

Citizens who would like more information about the upcoming effort to recall Councilor Zelenka can email ericeiden(at) or call 541-868-5122.

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