REVOLTING: Ron Paul "Cleans Up Well" in Philly, Nov. 10 2007

(FOREIGN-LANGUAGE FILM, Bullshit with English Subtitles) Ron Paul and his followers onstage today didn't just talk from both sides of their mouths, they talked from every possible side of their mouths that they could talk from at once – like the guy who introduced Paul: the generically handsome New Jersey State Assemblyman Michael Doherty, who couldn't quit bragging about his three sons in Iraq and who accidentally let slip that Paul wanted to Bring The Troops Home so they could be used to enforce immigration law at the borders (what tha…you wanna run that by me again, there, Mr. Strict Constitutionalist?) – and, of course, The Ron himself, who couldn't quit bragging about his love for the Constitution and individual liberty, except when he's voting for the Protection Of Marriage Act and authoring the Sanctity Of Life Act. Streaming out of YouTube, 07mins 04secs. "Pay No Attention To That Fascist Behind The Curtain": Daryl Lamont Jenkins reports from Philly at One People's Project.

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