December 2007 Indymedia Newsreal Released

The Indymedia Newsreal Project continues its renaissance with a December installment, now available for download here.

This issue includes coverage of the No Border Camp, the ongoing protests against Gov. Ulises Ruiz, testimonies by Iraq War veterans who are speaking out against the war, and more. It brings together the work of videographers from Arizona Indymedia, MayFirst.Org, PepperSpray Productions, Philosopherseed.Org, and

Indymedia Newsreal airs on Free Speech TV, as well as local cable access channels across the US. Keep sending in your segment contributions! And spread the word! Details are org here.

The Wall and the River
Producer: Steev Hise
Video about the situation over the last 3 months with the San Pedro river and the Department of Homeland Security's plan to put new border wall all the way up to it's banks, as part of their continuing project to put more and more wall along the border.

Ulises Ruiz = Terrorist
Producer: Michael Eisenmenger
A protest in New York City against Ulises Ruiz, governor of Oaxaca, Mexico, who many in Oaxaca and around the world have been demanding should step down due to his corruption and repression of people's movements in the state.

Voice of the Vet #4
Producer: Randy Rowland
Forth in the series of testimonials by Iraq War veterans who have taken up active protesting against the war since leaving service.

Summer of Love 40th Anniversary
Producer: Jim Lockhart
A brief look at a celebration of the summer of love anniversary in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

No Borders Camp Overview
Producer: Steev Hise
Presenting in context some scenes from the week-long protest on the border in Calexico and Mexicali November 5-11, 2007. (see for details)

TRT: 27:59

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