Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status

Lakota Sioux Indian representatives declared sovereign nation status on Wednesday, December 19th in Washington D.C. following Monday’s withdrawal from all previously signed treaties with the United States Government. The withdrawal, hand delivered to Daniel Turner, Deputy Director of Public Liaison at the State Department, immediately and irrevocably ends all agreements between the Lakota Sioux Nation of Indians and the United States Government outlined in the 1851 and 1868 Treaties at Fort Laramie, Wyoming.

“This is an historic day for our Lakota people,” declared Russell Means, Itacan of Lakota. “United States colonial rule is at its end!”

“Today is a historic day and our forefathers speak through us. Our Forefathers made the treaties in good faith with the sacred Canupa and with the knowledge of the Great Spirit,” shared Garry Rowland from Wounded Knee. “They never honored the treaties, that’s the reason we are here today.”

Lakota Freedom Delegation | Lakota Withdrawal Letter, December 17, 2007 | Declaration of Continuing Independence (June, 1974)

The four member Lakota delegation traveled to Washington D.C. culminating years of internal discussion among treaty representatives of the various Lakota communities. Delegation members included well known activist and actor Russell Means, Women of All Red Nations (WARN) founder Phyllis Young, Oglala Lakota Strong Heart Society leader Duane Martin Sr., and Garry Rowland, Leader Chief Big Foot Riders. Means, Rowland, Martin Sr. were all members of the 1973 Wounded Knee takeover.

“In order to stop the continuous taking of our resources – people, land, water and children- we have no choice but to claim our own destiny,” said Phyllis Young, a former Indigenous representative to the United Nations and representative from Standing Rock.

Property ownership in the five state area of Lakota now takes center stage. Parts of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana have been illegally homesteaded for years despite knowledge of Lakota as predecessor sovereign [historic owner]. Lakota representatives say if the United States does not enter into immediate diplomatic negotiations, liens will be filed on real estate transactions in the five state region, clouding title over literally thousands of square miles of land and property.

Young added, “The actions of Lakota are not intended to embarrass the United States but to simply save the lives of our people”.

Following Monday’s withdrawal at the State Department, the four Lakota Itacan representatives have been meeting with foreign embassy officials in order to hasten their official return to the Family of Nations.

Lakota’s efforts are gaining traction as Bolivia, home to Indigenous President Evo Morales, shared they are “very, very interested in the Lakota case” while Venezuela received the Lakota delegation with “respect and solidarity.”

“Our meetings have been fruitful and we hope to work with these countries for better relations,” explained Garry Rowland. “As a nation, we have equal status within the national community.”

Education, energy and justice now take top priority in emerging Lakota. “Cultural immersion education is crucial as a next step to protect our language, culture and sovereignty,” said Means. “Energy independence using solar, wind, geothermal, and sugar beets enables Lakota to protect our freedom and provide electricity and heating to our people.”

The Lakota reservations are among the most impoverished areas in North America, a shameful legacy of broken treaties and apartheid policies. Lakota has the highest death rate in the United States and Lakota men have the lowest life expectancy of any nation on earth, excluding AIDS, at approximately 44 years. Lakota infant mortality rate is five times the United States average and teen suicide rates 150% more than national average . 97% of Lakota people live below the poverty line and unemployment hovers near 85%.

“After 150 years of colonial enforcement, when you back people into a corner there is only one alternative,” emphasized Duane Martin Sr. “The only alternative is to bring freedom into its existence by taking it back to the love of freedom, to our lifeway.”

We are the freedom loving Lakota from the Sioux Indian reservations of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana who have suffered from cultural and physical genocide in the colonial apartheid system we have been forced to live under. We are in Washington DC to withdraw from the constitutionally mandated treaties to become a free and independent country. We are alerting the Family of Nations we have now reassumed our freedom and independence with the backing of Natural, International, and United States law. For more information, please visit our new website at www.lakotafreedom.com.

homepage:: http://www.lakotafreedom.com

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James Thorne 22.Dec.2007 14:40

This shows how hollow was President Woodrow Wilson's talk of self-determination of peoples. He conveniently forgot to look under his own nose! Or, more accurately, it was a slogan intended to facilitate the break up of empires which the US sought to replace.

Best wishes from Co Westmeath, Ireland.

wyoming s present demise

turquil 23.Dec.2007 01:17

ever seen the beauty of wyoming before JAMES BAKER AND DICK CHENEY moved in???
they and their investments in revisited pracitices of industrial demise of neighborhoods and
natures gifts for chump change capitulation to the drinkin g and thinking economic policies of white men who cant come up with ways to power and wealth without destroying future generations innocence with proliferations of oil and gas mining that is subsidized by the consumption malfunction excuses of transportation bond alliances that care nothing for longterm gains in progress and evolving.
may the peaceful practioners of life be saved from the hate of people who cant come up with answers other than revisits to industrial revolution job creations that have already proven feudal.
stop the dutch , french , british alliance of oil field controls in alaska and alberta.they dont care about the milions of lives that will be affected by tainted water supply of anything east of the rockies (coming out of royal dutch shell's practice of shale oil extraction),the water table and the snow runoff is everything of the u.s.

and for the pebble mine that is sponsored by european loyalist to money and power extractions out of the north america territories that threaten one of the last pristine salmon runs.we cant rrely on farm raised(aquaculture) ...why?, the nitrogen fed to almost brain dead penned in fish that eat there own piss and poop are causing a new form of leprosy. the d.n.a gets tricked by the perception of omega 3 protein from the farm raised fish then break down the molecules. also, the british petroleum and royal dutch shell companies are not only selling alaskan oil to the industrial shipping juggernaut of south east asia but are drilling in the northern slope then concreting the holes(capped) for later use. in other words claiming more of our territory . why?, becuz senator ted stephens is treasonous to morality.

the newness of december wind

Appalachian Supporter 23.Dec.2007 02:48

This news is so huge that i don't think i will be able to sleep. i wonder how the world will react. How will you react? It is easy to cynical say "we know how this will end" and assume the US empire will crush the Lakota's attempts at reclaiming their own land, but i think it is positivity and support that is needed from the rest of us, as well as a look inward. Will the courageous action taken by the Lakota spark the rest of the nation? Aren't we all tired of the greed, the colonialism, the trampling of human rights, etc., etc? This excitement i feel, this feeling of revolution, is awakening my senses and lifting the blanket of consumerism off of this near-xmas day. Good riddance to the blood quest for gold and land, LONG LIVE LAKOTA.

i hope that....

justin 23.Dec.2007 05:36

i hope that the other people of the lakota nation get behind this. you deserve respect and decent treatment from the government which has continually taken so much from you and given so little. my heart goes out to you.

a gentle retribution

chris 23.Dec.2007 07:43

This is enormous yet not a single story on it has broken in mainstream media and that troubles me greatly. How long can our government silence the pain of genocide on our own soil? I feel with all my heart that it is right and just for the Lakota to declare status as a sovereign nation. I have profound respect for their method of breaking the news to Washington. I hope that this doesn't go the way it went over a century ago. . .


Eric Stewart 23.Dec.2007 21:24


This is NOT Means' gig.

The four member Lakota delegation traveled to Washington D.C. culminating years of internal discussion among treaty representatives of the various Lakota communities. Delegation members included well known activist and actor Russell Means, Women of All Red Nations (WARN) founder Phyllis Young, Oglala Lakota Strong Heart Society leader Duane Martin Sr., and Garry Rowland, Leader Chief Big Foot Riders. Means, Rowland, Martin Sr. were all members of the 1973 Wounded Knee takeover.

No tribal government has stepped up to debunk this.

If there were a reputable voice anywhere that could be summoned to discredit this, then you can bet your bottom dollar that it would be coming out; the national security state would see to it. The idea that someone can secede with that much territory from the United States is not one that those in power can afford to have spread. Much smaller efforts than this but of similar nature have been crushed immediately with tanks and helicopters, among other things, indicating that the U.S. government believes that ANY such effort is a threat.

Organizations and non-organized progressive outfits all over the world, and especially in America, are merely sitting back to see how this pans out and this lack of taking a stand may be what kills it. The media-military complex, I assure you, intends to ignore this and wait for the novelty of this particular news item to wear off but rest assured that potential plans to disrupt, intimidate, and even take out key people regarding all of this are in progress.

I can’t believe, to tell you the truth, that in this day and age I have to explain to people (as I have done for days at a variety of forums online) that sitting back and being a spectator in all of this will end up functioning as complicity with the undoing of this movement. They are taking the lead and the only media people or groups expressing solidarity, except for the considerable din of collective individuals online, are from other nations.

Of course this is typical. After all we sit fat in our own retirement-nation. If we just sit back and watch, forfeiting involvement, we ensure the continuation of the status quo.

I think too many of us think this is too good to be true and are looking for that, “Oh yeah…that’s the flaw!” It unburdens us from acting. Let us all sit and do nothing, including as many of the Lakota as can be convinced to do just that, and then marvel at how right we were that it didn’t materialize into anything. It’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Key facts regarding all of this:

1. This is not a rumor; Putin has even chimed in on the side of the Lakota! The president of Bolivia has said that nation is intensely interested in this and Hugo Chavez has expressed solidarity. The Bush junta says it "opposes the measure."

2. The four member Lakota delegation traveled to Washington D.C. culminating years of internal discussion among treaty representatives of the various Lakota communities. Delegation members included well known activist and actor Russell Means, Women of All Red Nations (WARN) founder Phyllis Young, Oglala Lakota Strong Heart Society leader Duane Martin Sr., and Garry Rowland, Leader Chief Big Foot Riders. Means, Rowland, Martin Sr. were all members of the 1973 Wounded Knee takeover.

3. “We have 33 treaties with the United States that they have not lived by. They continue to take our land, our water, our children,” Phyllis Young, who helped organize the first international conference on indigenous rights in Geneva in 1977, told the news conference.

4. Russian legal experts further state that of all of the United States Indian Tribes, the Lakota Sioux are the best positioned to have their declaration of independence from the American government recognized by the United Nations as they remain the only indigenous peoples in the US to have refused to accept payment for their lands, estimated to be nearly $1 billion, which they consider their ‘sacred grounds’ and have stated they would never relinquish.





Many insist Russel Means does not represent the Lakota but in each case, these people refuse to address the fact that this is not Russel Means' gig but that there are four spokespeople that say they've met with many people for years about all of this and foreign heads of state are taking this very seriously.

My understanding is that it is Lakota tradition dictates that no one speaks for the people yet if we are to say that it is legitimate for representatives of the Lakota to sign such treaties, then it is legitimate for representatives to nullify and if it is the representation itself that is being deemed illegitimate then that, in itself, nullifies all the treaties.

Incidentally, Means will always speak more accurately for the TARGETED among the indigenous, i.e. those attempting to retain their culture and not become fully colonialized, than will any tribal council or any other outfit that answers to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This is a call to action.

I EXPECT some or many tribal councils to challenge this, as do all that have struggled against the oppressor. Its importance is directly proportional to the corruption that is the prerequisite for being in league with the United States government. You accept its dictates and that is where the power of most of these councils come from. I know there are Indians all over that might want to hit me on the head with a bat for that one but it is precisely such people whose opinions I am not interested in.

Oh, by the way, in the heart of Lakota country, this is in the big papers. In other words, any attempt to verify just how "official" is this statement representing vast sentiment, this declaration of independence, may become irrelevant as the whole countryside, including those in Rapid City, starts talking about this - and they are:

Lakota Sioux - The Bravest Americans

Eric Stewart 24.Dec.2007 18:01

Now let's think this through: five days have elapsed and if any major First Nations spokesperson or group or tribal council is standing against the Lakotah secession, they remain unheard. This is extremely auspicious inofitself. I don't think I am off base when I say that there are responsible individuals and groups amongst First Nations tribes and that, therefore, were this not something everyone concerned really wanted to work then we would have heard something by now. I have personally sent messages to John Trudell and Honor the Earth and this was two days ago. Still nothing.

To my knowledge, each and every of the accumulating mound of objections from many online (any from native leadership remain an exception) cite Russel Means' personal problems as reason to ignore this and, consistently, what is deliberately ignored by these unverifiable sources is that there are three others that will have to be discredited to debunk all of this and, to tell you the truth, now that we can see than nearly everyone (with the exception of some heads of state and some of the world's best known news services) is silent on this all then any sudden proclamation of invalidity would indicate, in all likelihood, that someone sensed a turning of the tide.

Doesn't anyone remember how the French revolution started? We have become such spectators in our very lives that when called to action the people all stand and wait to see if anyone else will answer. Is anyone answering? Word out of Lakotah country seems mixed as well and if nothing else, this stands to be remembered as a few people with chutzpah standing up and challenging the people to take what was theirs and the sheeple answering, "Baa-aaahhh!"

Still, I have hope. After all, each minute that ticks by further validates all of this.

Please see:

Lakota Sioux - The Bravest Americans


Tribal goverments need to get behind this.

Toby Bartels 24.Dec.2007 18:39

No tribal government may have "debunked" this yet, but none of the tribal governments recognised by the US government have supported it either. Not that those governments are legitimate themselves, but if they ignore it, then the US government will always be in a position to say "The Lakotas' own governments accept the treaties, so that's that." and do nothing. Alternatively, the Lakota people must reject the tribal governments as well, which (while the right thing to do) will be much harder.

The Question

Rafe 24.Dec.2007 21:15

The big question here is, who are these Lakota who are making this claim of secession? What democratic process occured to make this group the recognized representitives of the Lakota?

If it's just a bunch of likeminded people with no authority give them by the Lakota people, they can only speak for themselves. And in that case, this announcement would mean little.

More information is needed.

Strongheart Warrior Society on the Secession

relayed by Eric Stewart 25.Dec.2007 21:17


A Free People, A Free Nation!
 lakotafree@gmail.com or  press@lakotafreedom.com

Lakota Freedom: Treaty Withdrawal For Elders and Children Sovereignty Action Sparks World Discussion, Disagreement, Inspiration
By Lakota Freedom Delegation

Lakota – What began as sparsely attended press conference announcing Lakota sovereignty has grown into an international roar of freedom inspiring people on every continent and sparking excitement and discussion in homes, tribal councils, schools, and on Internet blogs and message boards.

Across Indian Country in particular, the impact of the sovereign action is creating both inspiration and concern as the reality of freedom sinks in. But mixed with the excitement and joy are concerns the Lakota people's needs will not be fully met, especially needs and concerns of the youth.

Lakota Freedom delegate and Oglala Lakota Cante Tenza - Strongheart Warrior Society leader Canupa Gluha Mani (Duane Martin Sr.) issued the following statement after discussion with the Strongheart Grandmothers: "The whole Lakota declaration of withdrawal from the treaty is vested on the power of the Lakota people and our children. When we undertook the process of announcing the withdrawal, the capacity was far greater than most people anticipated about an individual. But throughout our history, the people have never excluded anyone within our own lifeway and when it becomes a listener's view that its about one individual, one individual does not represent the Nation itself, the Nation represents the individual, and that is Lakota. The withdrawal is for the people, the Elders, mothers, fathers, and the children. Throughout our history and through the enforcement of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, Congress said they would oversee the provisions of 1868 (Fort Laramie Treaty), but they failed to do so. Some minor provisions were kept, but overall the treaty was not honored. Because if the treaty was honored, we would not have this colonial catastrophe of alcoholism, drug abuse and poverty and we wouldn't have the overall high incarceration rate of the male and female in the prison populations. This leads to our children being taking away by Social Services which puts our children out of balance from learning the traditional lifeway. When the children can reconnect with who they are, they come back to the process of knowing what is Lakota in the true point of view. In this true point of view, Lakota is about being free and left alone, so we can govern and save our own with the teachings of the Animal Nations. If we can conclude with this statement in the positive venue, its not about Russell Means, and certainly not about Canupa Gluha Mani or any individual, this about the Lakota Nation and the Animal People who are no longer alone."

The Lakota Freedom Delegation is the powerful realization of an ongoing process lasting no less than 33 years. Despite criticism the Delegation does not speak for the Lakota people, Delegation representatives have been in ongoing communication with the traditional chiefs and treaty councils all across Lakota for the last three and a half years. Canupa Gluha Mani (Duane Martin Sr.) , leader of the Cante Tenza (Strongheart Warrior Society) of the Ogalala Lakota and Oyate Wacinyapin (Russell Means) have been in discussion with the traditional treaty councils across Lakota. The traditional treaty councils in the following communities were consulted:

Pine Ridge
Lower Brule
Cheyenne River
Standing Rock

Additional consultation with the treaty council occurred during Defenders of Black Hills meeting in Rapid City. Mni yuha Najin Win (Phyllis Young) also consulted with the people in Standing Rock regarding this action. With this in mind, the Delegation does not act for IRA Indians, "stay by the fort indians", or other Lakota people unwilling to be free. Looking further back, emerging from the Wounded Knee Occupation in 1973, the International Indian Treaty Council drew together more than 5000 delegates representing 98 Indian tribes and Nations from North and South America. This manifesto, representing the wisdom of thousands of people, their Ancestors, and the Great Mystery explicity supports the rights of Indigenous Nations to live free and to take whatever actions necessary for sovereignty.

Download the complete Declaration of Continuing Independence

We are the freedom loving Lakota from the Sioux Indian reservations of Nebraska , North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana who have withdrawn from the constitutionally mandated treaties to become a free and independent country. We are alerting the Family of Nations we have now reassumed our freedom and independence with the backing of Natural, International, and United States law. For more information, please visit our new website at  http://www.lakotafreedom.com/.

SOURCE:  lakotafree@gmail.com and  press@lakotafreedom.com

Not a dead story

Native Nick 26.Dec.2007 02:37

Just because we don't hear about it from Faux newz, doesn't mean this isn't a story. Around the world, indigenous leaders are voicing their support. Notice also, that there is a standing invitation!

If you care and you want to do something, then take your skill to the land and offer yourself as a citizen of the Nation.

So many of these situations shrivel because nobody thought it would mean anything for them to go participate. For wont of a nail, the horse was lost.. for wont of a horse the battle was lost.. for wont of a battle the war was lost, which lost the country.
not just a fable, but accurate depiction of where we all are right now.

Standing up, renouncing the citizenship that means so little to us anyhow and standing for something worth being a part of IS the way to make this a success.

It will not be comfortable or perfect, bearing the brunt of misguided decisions and the last vestiges of prejudice, but these are baby steps on a much longer path that includes All of Us, everywhere and we have got to learn how to make things different.

So, if you can, join the struggle first hand. Go be part of the experiment and BE the ten millionth person who decides to live rationally. BE the ten thousanth and live through some of the formative years. Participate in this and you can make it work.

It is all the people standing on the sidelines saying 'this isn't my struggle' or 'those natives don't want me around'.. this is destructive thinking. If you aren't sure.. ASK if you are welcome or needed. WRITE a letter to the white person who 'runs' things and tell "him" what you think about policies that aim at dehumanizing humanity.

I think this sounds a million times better than the 'Libertarian' takeover of maine or Vermont or wherever. I will be hitchiking to Lakota territory. I know how to cook, forage, fix, build, heal, learn, teach, defend myself and others and how to love everything until it stops hurting.

Are you ready?

[AUDIO] Interview with Canupa Gluha Mani - Lakota Freedom Delegation

Eric Stewart 26.Dec.2007 16:46


I have been in contact with someone very close to all of this. Here are the words of Canupa Gluha Mani (Duane Martin Sr.). The interview is a little over thirty minutes long but the file size is relatively small - less than 6MB. It is an MP3. Does anyone notice that Russel Means is doing precious little of the talking on all of this?

 http://www.radio4all.net/pub/files/ anonymous@radio4all.net/16-1-20071225-Canupa_Gluha_Mani_interview_12-25-07_24kbps.mp3

democracy doesn't matter?

h-l-j 27.Dec.2007 17:25

As much as I agree that Native American tribes should have the right to declare sovereignty, I am pretty concerned that this particular action comes with no clear mandate from a democratic and legitimate representative body. Yes, tribal governments can be corrupt and in bed with the federal government and big business. Because of this, quality activism with community support should focus on addressing that first, so it can then speak legitimately from an established success. That the Lakota Freedom Delegation have failed to do this reveals the fact that they do not have the level of support and respect within the Lakota nation to truly speak as legitimate representatives, and that the Lakota nation itself is in such a bad state that it is unable to take such a stand as a unified whole. If the Delegation had the level of wisdom, strength and organisation to really carry this action through and create a fully sovereign Lakota nation encompassing all the peoples now living within those territories, they would know that the first step is to establish a healthy and effective government as a foundation for that nation.
Their argument is essentially that they want to have their cake (we can't get elected due to corruption, disunity and dysfunction) and eat it too (therefore we declare that we are in charge and will create a functioning nation from this mess). If they had the power to do the latter, they would have overcome the former long ago.
BUT! IF this action galvanises the spirit of the people and the people themselves can generate and demonstrate the unity and ability to really carry this action out from the ground up, then it will be the greatest achievement since the abolition of slavery. I really hope that happens. I really wish that this group had focused on generating this kind of unity and legitimacy first, before taking such a bold action, as it would have given it a much greater chance of success.

Just an opinion...

Ruffneck 28.Dec.2007 20:05

So beautiful... without any hope in it but so much pride and hope on self-determination...


frederik 28.Dec.2007 22:03

Let's not hope!!Time is nearer and nearer when some actions will need to be taken!! Lakotas will need our support, we will need to demonstrate our determination to finally over-rule absurdity. Check your local US ambassy, and wait for USA to start trouble.


Daniel Shays 31.Dec.2007 01:35

I would remind anyone that disputes the legitimacy of this declaration that only a tiny fraction of the population in the early colonies actually supported the Revolution. The vast majority were content to live under the King's policy of Salutary Neglect. Hence Washington's disparaging the local militia's for their noncomittal attitude (they would show up for food and leave when it was time to fight!) The fact that the vast majority of the original thriteen colonies did not support revolution against the King of England did not stop The Founding Fathers from penning the Declaration of Independence and go about the business of full scale revolt. If you argue that this Declaration of Sovereignty is null and void because they don't have wide spread democratic support (a fact that we are still not completely clear on) than logically you must also discount the very founding of the U.S. because it did not have a support of the majority. A fact that we are very clear on.

Any more details?

Shane McMahon 31.Dec.2007 06:47

I know very little about Russel Means or the delegation members.
I know less about the general attitude of the Lakota people towards these statements, the delegation members, and the proposed actions.

Any detail would be enlightening.


Ken Ray 31.Dec.2007 22:18

The person who made the statement was Russell Means, a Lakota activitst, who does not represent the Lakota Sioux tribe in any way (he is not their leader, and even attempt to run for president of the Oglala Sioux tribe and lost. This is just an example of the mainstream media not doing their homework, IMHO. Even a cursory check with the tribe itself would have disproved the main point of the article.

let's focus on the sacred walk instead: http://www.sacredrun.org

marco 02.Jan.2008 09:53

I think rather than arguing whether Russell Means is a
good or bad representative of ANYTHING (you might want to
notice that he's FOLLOWING that announcement, not leading it
by the way) let's pay attention to a walk across the nation
that begins this month some time.


Add these two issues to Wintersoldier


which begins in March
and something tells me we're in for a very interesting election
year season...

Applying Some Critical Thinking to the Lakotah Secession Movement

Eric Stewart 05.Jan.2008 19:38


It is important that we realize that in the modern world, the success and overall legitimacy of this movement will be evaluated later, perhaps decades from now. I think it is important that we all ask ourselves this question: just one month ago, wouldn't it have been considered a ludicrous statement to say that the average Lakota person isn't interested in sovereignty or real international recognition?

Before all this rhetoric came out and muddied the waters, that was a given. If millions of Americans are thinking of independence from the U.S. government (a dream of many) then I think it is a given that a less colonized people (Europeans, too, are colonized peoples, carrying out colonization - it's part of being colonized) and a proud people like the Lakota desire this as well.

I urge folks to read these things and all arguments on this issue very thoroughly. Do not miss a point. It is in the subtleties that the biggest lies will be told.


Flawed Attempts to Debunk Secession Abound

Lakota Sioux - The Bravest Americans

Strongheart Warrior Society: Withdrawal from the treaty is protection

[AUDIO] Interview with Canupa Gluha Mani - Lakota Freedom Delegation

Secessions, Charlatans, and Statecraft

The Republic of Lakotah

Myth of a good idea

Scott Raven 05.Jan.2008 22:09

It's amazing, how people from all over the world can comment on something, they have no firsthand knowledge of.
Me, I've lived in Rapid City all my life, driven the roads, watched hostile people, on both sides, and even seen the usual activists, ranting and raving, without offering a solution.
A lot of people, will claim, that oh, it's a great thing that Means is doing.
There's a few things that means forgets to mention, in his little boastful statement.
First of all, here we had a people, that is in a doldrum, usually abusing substances, and has a horrible time keeping anything organize, picked up, or paid.
They specialize, in destroying things, other people's property, and then if you make a comment, it's racist.
Take for example, Pine Ridge Reservation, what Means calls home, when he's not in New Mexico.
Unemployment is rampant, prostitution for alcohol is high, as is abuse.
How many think an entire nation, like this, is a good idea?
Don't forget, they also don't keep a routine police force, and if a native american breaks the law, he can run into the Reservation, and can't be pursued....a flagrant abuse of human rights.
Now, ask yourself, would you trust, a man, who can't even keep a campsite clean, with control of the Black Hills?
I think before the federal government turns over anything to Means and Co, he should make the land he was given work first.....economically, socially, and proper....and quit blaming white people for his own misconduct.

Lakota Freedom Delegation Website and Contact Info Hijacked?!?

Eric Stewart 06.Jan.2008 03:15


According to Lakota Oyate (For a Free & Independent Lakota Nation), on December 30, 2007, the Lakotah Freedom Delegation website and contact info were hijacked by one delegation member without consent of other delegates. Further, to quote Lakota Oyate, the "So-called 'Republic of Lakotah' and 'provisional government' is announced despite the fact 'republic' is not a Lakota word and Lakota already has a traditional form of government still in existence." Here is the new Lakota Oyate website, said to be supported by Canupa Gluha Mani (Duane Martin Sr.) of the Lakotah Freedom Delegation.

While it is Russel Means that is talking to foreign energy investors and it is the "Republic of Lakotah" that is doing things by the international book (international law and norms - thereby facilitating maximum international support) it is also Means that is the one being recognized, for better or worse, as essentially being the Lakotah Freedom Delegation by the very tribal governments that this delegation was to break from. Let me be clear: while I do not purport that Means is seeking this recognition as being the Lakotah Freedom Delegation, tribal councils (BIA puppets) treat this as if it is all Means' work. Meanwhile (no pun intended), other members of the Lakotah Freedom Delegation seem to be pointing the finger at Means for hijacking all of this. Intriguing...

While it is exciting that this is all heating up and that this story continues to unfold, the last thing that yours truly wanted to hear today was that there was such a schizm manifest in the original four delegates.

Secessions, Charlatans, and Statecraft

Applying Some Critical Thinking to the Lakotah Secession Movement

Tribal Gov'ts Announce They Don't Support the Lakota Freedom Delegation (NO KIDDING!)

Map of the Lakota Nation Revealed

Wikipedia's Entry on the Republic of Lakotah (some good information here)

Here is a snip from that site:

The United States Department of State is referring queries on the subject of Lakotah to the United States Department of the Interior, which oversees the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Gary Garrison of the BIA said that the group's withdrawal "doesn't mean anything". "These are not legitimate tribal governments elected by the people", he said, but cautioned that "when they begin the process of violating other people's rights, breaking the law, they're going to end up like all the other groups that have declared themselves independent - usually getting arrested and being put in jail".

Opinion on the Federal Government's expected reaction within the Republic of Lakota leadership is divided; Russell Means has stated that "I don't expect the federal government to do anything. I don't believe they even know what to do", but Canupa Gluha Mani has said that "we'll probably get killed for this."

declare independence!

autonomyandpeace 07.Jan.2008 18:10

Declare independence!
Don't let them do that to you!
Declare independence!
Don't let them do that to you!

Start your own currency!
Make your own stamp
Protect your language

Declare independence
Don't let them do that to you
Declare independence
Don't let them do that to you

Make your own flag!
Raise your flag! (Higher, higher)

Declare independence!
Don't let them do that to you!
Declare independence!
Don't let them do that to you!

Damn colonists
Ignore their patronizing
Tear off their blindfolds
Open their eyes

Declare independence!
Don't let them do that to you!
Declare independence!
Don't let them do that to you!

With a flag and a trumpet
Go to the top of your highest mountain!
Raise your flag!

- Bjork

hating Russell Means

marco 07.Jan.2008 18:21

How many times will people who hate and fear Russell Means
ignore the fact that this movement is carried on by dozens
of people including Means, and NOT Russell Means leading
anybody really.

Something tells me the main governmental response to this
declaration is "attack Russell Means first, then work your
way outward from there; it is the easiest way to neutralize..."



Kahentinetha Horn 10.Jan.2008 04:53



MNN. Dec. 25, 2007. The times, they are achangin’. Go to the www.lakotafreedom.com website. There you’ll see Canupa Gluha Mani of the Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Lakota Nation cutting up his colonial driver’s license. He’s doing this because on December 17th 2007 the Lakota delivered their “Declaration of Continuing Independence”, just in time for the Winter Solstice.

The history of Lakota with the U.S. is long, complex and tragic. They knew something had to change. After the Wounded Knee Occupation of 1973, the International Indian Treaty Council was established. From June 8 to 16 1974 the Council called for a “Western Hemisphere” Conference at Standing Rock Sioux. Over 5000 delegates of 97 Indigenous Peoples from the Americas gathered. The “manifesto” that was created on that occasion supports the rights of all Indigenous Peoples to live free and take whatever actions are necessary to uphold our sovereignty.

It is rumored that President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, a powerful world leader, said today that he is considering recognizing the Lakota as an independent nation. Withdrawing from the treaties is entirely legal. It is within the laws on treaties passed at the Vienna Convention and put into effect by the U.S. and the rest of the international community in 1980.

The Lakota never relinquished their lands and have always refused to accept payment estimated close to $1 billion to give up their sovereignty and nationhood. Offering to buy us out means they are acknowledging our sovereignty.

They declared the obvious. The lands belong to the various Indigenous peoples and are clearly defined by the treaties. Where there are no treaties, the U.S. and Canada are squatters. Plain and simple! The indigenous people have the same rights under international law as anyone else, whether a country chooses to acknowledge it or not, as in South Africa. Our vast tracts of land, which have been cared for by our ancestors, continue to be ours despite the delusional fraudulent claims of the colonizing states. Treaties concluded through bribery and with colonial puppets, instead of with valid representatives of our people, are not legal.

It should be borne in mind that most, not all, of the treaties ever made with the colonizers granted them only very limited rights that fall far short of the greedy advantages they imagined. They had no intention of ever living up to any treaty. They were hell bent on stealing everything. The U.S. and Canada came as profiteers and fraudulently tried to steal all our assets.

Such documents were concocted in clear violation of international law then and now. This requires the informed consent of the people concerned. No state can incorporate another unless a clear majority of the people has expressed consent through fairly conducted democratic processes based on a clear question.

The Six Nations Confederacy and the Algonquins are the title holders of most of the eastern half of what is known as the colonies of Canada and northeastern U.S. Our Indigenous laws prohibit alienation of our lands. We hold them as trustees for the coming unborn generations. We refuse to surrender our lands. The implementation of the Indian Act and federal Indian law is genocidal.

According to article VI of the U.S. Constitution, treaties represent the Supreme Law of the Land binding each party to an inviolable international relationship. Those without treaties with the colonists hold their lands independent and free. The only legal authority is Indigenous. Article II sets out the primary nation-to-nation relationship. In Canada Section 109 of the British North America Act 1867 respects the primary authority of the Indigenous peoples.

The U.S. and Canada have violated the independent Indigenous Peoples by “clerical” action, edicts and pronouncements violating our international treaty rights and authority.

The Lakota declaration of withdrawal from the Treaty of Laramie 1868 is vested in the power of the Lakota people and the children. One individual does not represent the nation. The nation represents the individual. The withdrawal is for the people, elders, mothers, fathers and children including the unborn faces beneath the ground.

The Treaty of Laramie was never honored. It’s been a colonial catastrophe, which was not its intent on our part. Indigenous children are still being taken away putting them out of balance from learning the traditional life ways. The true way is to be free and left to govern and look after our own with the teachings of the animal nations. This is about the Lakota Nation and the Animal People who are no longer here. “We are the Lakota Nation of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana”. We are alerting the Family of Nations of our action with the backing of Indigenous, international and U.S. law.

Should all Indigenous nations of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, assert our freedom and independence, what would happen? The action of the “Lakota” is going to have repercussions far and wide.

The colonists would go out of business, especially the oligarchs. They would have to work out agreements with all the Indigenous people on whose land they are squatting. Indigenous “liens” on buildings, development, resource extraction and all activities on our land will have to be governed and executed by us. Each Indigenous nation will assert our power over our lands, assets and resources. The colonies of U.S. and Canada will just have to become law abiding. They will have to learn to respect indigenous and international law. This will not bring a catastrophe for the ordinary people living on our land. They just have to come to terms with the reality that they are living within our jurisdiction, that they are visitors on our land and that they are required to follow our law.

The pointlessness of their former reliance on their handpicked “Indian” puppets set up by the colonial Indian Act band councils and federal Indian law tribal councils will become obvious. These sell-outs will have to live amongst their relatives without colonial power and support. Whisky, money and guns will lose their mystical attraction.

The Lakota call upon the world to support this struggle for sovereignty and treaty rights. They pledge their assistance to all sovereign people who seek their independence.

The Lakota have invited those living on their lands to join them. Lakota will issue permits to them, passports, driver’s licenses and other documents. Living there would be tax free providing the residents renounce their U.S. citizenship.

The Lakotah are to open negotiations with the State Department of the U.S. government to establish diplomatic relations. They are setting up offices in Washington and New York City.

Are we going to see the other nations of Turtle Island asserting sovereignty? Don’t let those “dirty rotten lawyers” meddle or intervene.

They’re not the ones who decide what the law is. The law belongs to the people. As our ancestors told us, “One nation will take the issue so far.

Then another will take it further. Until we all regain everything that is ours”.

So who’s next?

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

SOURCE: Mohawk Nation News

Also see:

Lakota Freedom Delegation Website and Contact Info Hijacked?!?


Free Leonard Peltier in 2008!

Indigenous Dialogue 10.Jan.2008 08:17

United States Prisoner No. 89637-132
The persecution of Leonard Peltier

JOE ALLEN and PAUL D’AMATO tell the story of one of the longest-serving political prisoners in the U.S.

“THERE ARE hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people I would call political prisoners” in the United States, declared Andrew Young in 1978, while he was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (UN). Young’s indiscreet comments about political persecution in the U.S. ignited a firestorm of attacks from newspapers and politicians across the country.

Within a year, Young would be gone from his post at the UN, but many of the political prisoners that he referred to continue to languish in America’s prisons. February 6, 2006 marks the 30th anniversary of the arrest of one of them: Leonard Peltier.

Peltier was arrested in Canada for a crime he did not commit--the murder of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota in June 1975. He was illegally sent to the United States because of coerced and fraudulent testimony, and later convicted in federal court in one of the most infamous political frame-ups in modern U.S. history.

During his long years in prison, he won acclaim and support across the globe. Historian Howard Zinn called Peltier’s prison writings, My Life is My Sun Dance, “an accusation against monstrous injustice, a beautiful expression of a man’s soul, demanding release.”

Amnesty International says it “considers Leonard Peltier to be a political prisoner whose avenues of redress have long been exhausted...Leonard Peltier should be immediately and unconditionally released.”

For many years, Peltier’s case has been better known outside the U.S. than inside, due to the self-censorship of the U.S. media (which scoff at the idea that there are “political prisoners” in the U.S.) and the fanatical determination of the FBI to keep him in prison.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
PELTIER, A citizen of the Lakota and Anishinabe nations, was an active member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) in the early 1970s in the upper Midwest and on the West Coast.

AIM was a product of the militant struggles of the 1960s against racism and the Vietnam War. Its most important leaders during the 1970s--Dennis Banks and Russell Means--were inspired by the civil rights movement and, more importantly, the Black Panthers.

Formed in 1968 by Anishinabe Indian activists in Minneapolis, AIM quickly sprouted chapters across the country, and moved from civil rights to issues of Indian sovereignty and pride.

In 1972, on the eve of Richard Nixon’s landslide re-election to the presidency, AIM led a nationwide caravan, called the “Trail of Broken Treaties,” which culminated in the occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) headquarters in Washington, D.C. The BIA had long been a source of hatred for its flagrant embezzlement of funds that were supposed to go to impoverished Native Americans, and for its legalizing of the theft of reservation land.

The following year, at the request of Pine Ridge residents, AIM led the armed occupation of Wounded Knee on the reservation--the site of the historic massacre of Sioux men, women and children in 1890. The event marked the coming together of urban Indian radicals with reservation traditionals, who resented the corruption and abuse of the BIA-sponsored tribal administration, as well as its denigration of Native traditions.

During the ensuing 71-day standoff, BIA police, FBI agents and U.S. military personnel fired 500,000 rounds of ammunition at the entrenched Indian encampment, killing two AIM members.

While the siege provided little in tangible concessions from the federal government, it succeeded in publicizing AIM and generated a surge of popular interest in Native American issues and history.

It also resulted in AIM becoming a greater target of ferocious government repression. The FBI led the attack on AIM as part of its COINTELPRO program, begun in the mid-1960s under Director J. Edgar Hoover and used with terrifying effectiveness against the Black Panther Party.

COINTELPRO employed many dirty tricks against its targets, including wiretapping, assassination and the use of agents provocateurs--all in coordination with state and local police forces. The goal, according to FBI documents, was to “neutralize” the leadership.

AIM members across the country faced constant harassment and frame-ups that drained the organization’s resources and eventually broke its leadership. One of the AIM members caught up in this dragnet was Leonard Peltier.

During the aim occupation of Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge Tribal Chair Dickie Wilson formed the Guardians of the Oglala Nation (literally and boastfully known as GOON), paid for with a $62,000 BIA stipend--and launched a reign of terror on AIM and its supporters at Pine Ridge.

From 1973 to 1976, more than 60 AIM members and supporters, many of them traditionals, were murdered without the state government or the FBI lifting a finger to investigate their deaths.

A new generation of rabidly racist, self-proclaimed “Indian fighters” emerged in South Dakota, led by William Janklow, the future South Dakota governor, who declared: “The only way to deal with the Indian problem in South Dakota is to put a gun to the AIM leaders’ heads and pull the trigger.”

In the desperate and highly charged atmosphere of repression after Wounded Knee II, the traditional leaders on Pine Ridge appealed to AIM for help to defend themselves. Peltier was among the dozens of AIM members and supporters who went to Pine Ridge.

They provided protection from attacks by Wilson’s GOONs, which usually took place late at night, making the late-evening hours a nightmare of gunfire and screams for help. AIM activists, including Peltier, were armed for their own protection as well as that of the residents.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WHAT HAS now gone down in history as “the incident at Oglala” occurred on June 26, 1975, when two unmarked cars chased a red truck onto the Jumping Bull compound near the village of Oglala.

Without identifying themselves, the FBI agents in pursuit of the red pickup began shooting at it. The FBI later claimed the agents were chasing an Indian named Jimmy Eagle for allegedly stealing cowboy boots.

When the agents began firing on the ranch, Peltier and others, who were defending the compound against GOON violence, fired back, not knowing who the men were or what they wanted.

Within minutes, more than 150 FBI agents, BIA police and GOONs had surrounded the ranch. Peltier and others escaped the encirclement.

When the FBI occupied the ranch, they found AIM member Joe Killsright Stuntz and two FBI agents, Jack Koler and Ron Williams, shot dead at close range. No one has ever been convicted for killing Stuntz.

The largest manhunt in FBI history ensued, eventually resulting in the arrest of three AIM members--Dino Butler, Robert Robideau and Peltier--for the murders of Koler and Williams. None of the defendants denied being at the Jumping Bull ranch that day, or firing in self-defense, but all denied killing the FBI agents.

Butler and Robideau were the first arrested and charged, and the first sent to trial, while Peltier fought extradition in Canada. The two were tried in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at the request of the U.S. Department of Justice, which believed that the white working class and lower middle class residents of this small city would easily convict them.

On July 16, 1976, to the shock of government attorneys, the jury found Butler and Robideau not guilty of murder, accepting the argument for self-defense put forward by their famed radical attorney, William Kunstler.

In their humiliation, the FBI was determined to convict Peltier, who was captured by the Canadian Mounties on February 6, 1976.

To obtain Peltier’s extradition, the U.S. government presented to the federal Canadian court affidavits signed by Myrtle Poor Bear, who claimed to be Peltier’s lover and to have witnessed Peltier shoot the FBI agents. Though it was later revealed that Poor Bear’s testimony was coerced by the FBI, the Canadian court turned Peltier over to U.S. authorities.

In March 1977, Peltier went on trial in North Dakota, before an all-white jury and a hostile Judge Paul Benson, who refused to allow the self-defense argument and ruled repeatedly in favor of the government. The judge and prosecutors suppressed all evidence favorable to Peltier.

Though the lead prosecutor--the aptly named Assistant U.S. Attorney Lynn Crooks--failed to produce a single witness who could identify Peltier as the gunman who killed the agents, the jury found Peltier guilty, and he was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
IN THE nearly 30 years since Peltier’s false conviction, the case against him has continued to unravel.

For example, a successful Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in the early 1980s turned up a concealed ballistics report showing that the gun Peltier allegedly used during the incident couldn’t be matched with the bullet casing found near the agents.

In 1985, when the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held oral arguments on a motion filed by Peltier for a new trial, Lynn Crooks admitted, “We can’t prove who shot those agents.” Though the court found that the jury might have acquitted Peltier had the FBI not withheld evidence, it refused to grant him a new trial.

In 2000, when Bill Clinton said that he was considering granting clemency for Peltier, he began making plans for his release. His friends even began planning to build him a new house. But after the FBI mobilized a campaign that included a march of 500 agents in front of the White House, Clinton backed down.

Peltier’s appeals have been denied more than 10 times, and he remains in prison. But his spirit is not broken.

Not long after Clinton’s betrayal, he wrote: “Since that dark Saturday, I have managed to get up and dust myself off, and begin to lift my spirits once more. I am just as determined now to fight for my freedom as I was on February 6, 1976, when I was first arrested. I will not give up. This is the second time in the span of my incarceration that I made it to the top of the hill and saw that freedom was in view, only to be kicked right back down to the bottom again.

In 2008, Leonard Peltier comes up for parole, but the FBI and other forces will resist his release tooth and nail. If we are going to get any measure of justice for Leonard Peltier, we will have to be the ones in front of the White House when the time comes.

Most people would think forget it crazy man....

King Amdo 11.Jan.2008 20:12

...just like they would do here. I think. Its not possible to conceive of such a reality, so don't bother type thing. Then there are many with vestid interests, that don't want the connection to money etc to be broken off. I think that would explain the Lakota peoples wholsale rejection of Means when he should for leadership. (possibly). He might just be another Jim Killock though (UK Green party). Killock manged to reduce the share of the vote going to the green party at a time of rising eco panic in the general UK population.

Lakotah Freedom Delegation Speaks on Attempts to Divide Secession Movement

Lakota Oyate 20.Jan.2008 18:31


This is a time of transition for the Lakota oyate (people) as the realization of freedom is considered. It is unfortunate, but not unexpected that those involved with the Lakota Freedom movement have received slander, false personal attacks and threats from individuals both within and outside of Lakota. Regardless why these false attacks have occurred, we recognize these are the same tactics employed by the U.S. Government's COINTELPRO program to silence resistence to the genocide of First Nation's peoples.

These attacks mean nothing to us, and we continue with the work under the guidance of the Elders and childlren to make wowasakeikcupi truly possible.

We believe in the traditional systems that persist within Lakota and believe the will of the Elders and the young people will be heard. We seek to empower all of the Lakota oyate to share their ideas, hopes, feelings and concerns in a good way, and believe this website can become one part of that.

We ask individuals to cease with false personal attacks, slander and attempts to erode the advances of the Lakota Freedom movement. If concerns exist, we ask why individuals cannot have the integrity to address others directly with their questions instead of using COINTELPRO tactics to try and discredit people or a movement. Personal attacks create the appearance of COINTELPRO 'divide and conquer' activity whether it exists or not.


For General Information
Email us at:  lakotafree@gmail.com

We suggest that all donations are held at this time until suitable systems can be put into place to receive them.

For Media Interviews and Scheduling
Email us at:  lakotafree@gmail.com
Phone to (828) 230-1404

Media may sign-on to our media listserve at the following address:

SOURCE: Lakota Oyate  http://www.lakotaoyate.net/


LaDonna 05.Feb.2008 03:42

This article and attached comments continue to propagate enormous lies and untruths.

First, there is no secession, no separatist movement initiated by the Lakota Tribe or Nation. Indeed, there has been an official response, but it is not carried by this type of press.

FIRST, the Teton sioux nation Treaty Council, created in 1893 by Lakota traditional families to insure the proper diplomacy concerning the Fort Laramie Treaty and subsequent treaties between the Lakota Nation and the USA, issued the following declaration in response to the Press Release from Russell Means: "There is a provision within the Treaty of 18868 that our ancestors had included. Article 12 says that the Treaty could not be changed except by 3/4 of the (Lakota) adult male vote.This was done expressly to protect the people, the land, and our way of life.... Russell means is only one man, and he has not received the required 3/4 adult male approval. His efforts, however, remind the world that we still have an international treaty with the USA. Charmaine White Face, spokesperson, Teton sioux nation Treaty council."
SECOND, a meeting was called by the Treaty council and OST (Oglala Sioux Tribe) Council that took place on Pine Ridge Reservation jan 28-30. It brought together a large numberf of tribal representatives and traditional elders from all of the eight Lakota reservations, to discuss treaty issues, but also economic, social and environmental issues common to all of the Lakota fires. It also prepared the sending of a delegation to Washington D.C. to re-affirm the treaty ties between thE Lakota nation and the USA. See article in LAKOTA COUNTRY TIMES.


Jackie 05.Feb.2008 03:59

In regards to the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier, and the true history of Pine Ridge Reservation at the time of Wounded Knee II, I recommend the recently published book of 650 pages, "The American Mafia" by Joseph Trimbach. The book also covers the murder of Anna Mae Aquash, and how the myth of harassment by the FBI was elaborated during some trials and grew unchecked. COINTELPRO was a program of a certain Agent Sullivan of the FBI to infiltrate the communist party that was brought to a halt in 1971, that is at least a couple of years before the beginning of the American Indian stand at Wounded Knee. The book is presented from the viewpoint of working FBI individuals, and what they faced in terms of rampant violence brought to the Pine ridge reservation by angry young men who knew little of their roots and of the true Indian way , for the most part a bunch of criminal urban Indians : it is a riveting tale, quite well documented, that brings to a screeching halt many of the fables built around AIM for the last thirty years.

apathists abound

Eric Stewart 16.Feb.2008 14:30

Apathy, coupled with an unwillingness to hear a call that would demand a response from each of us individually (let's stay comfortable) may have undone yet another attempt at freedom. I hope you all run out of food and get a clue because you are too fat to even think anymore, Joe America. You are truly a waste of space. I hate to think what would have happened in France in 1789 if the call for revolution was met by lard.

If there is one thing I have learned from all of this, it is that colonized people come from all backgrounds and races, as do those that are not. It seems to be a part of being colonized to colonize others.

Make no mistake - if you are worried about where your money is going to come from if you revolt, then you are COLONIZED. Some of us have been colonized for more than five hundred years; we can see too.


Indigenous Secessions in the News: The Mohawk Nation

Eric Stewart 20.Feb.2008 18:26

Indigenous Secessions in the News: The Mohawk Nation

02.02.2008 18:34:30

MNN. Feb. 2, 2008. There are some very confused minds at Six Nations. The latest update from Hazel Hill lays out the complete violation of the Great Law. A whole slew of interest groups have sprung up purporting to have a say in nation business. For one, the traitorous band council can never have a voice. Neither can these kitchen table, arena groups and social clubs. Anyone outside the clans, the Two Row and Great Law has no voice.

After we physically reclaimed our land in 2006, talks began about reclaiming the rest of it. The negotiators called “sell-outs” and the “Confederacy Chiefs” have fallen into the colonial trap of meeting behind closed doors and working out a “self-government” deal under Canada, without the knowledge or consent of the people. In other words, they’re selling out despite 200 years of resistance by our ancestors.

The sell-outs are letting colonial law override the Great Law. This is turning into a “joint venture” business deal. The actions of the sell-outs is collusion, fraud and betrayal. We cannot negotiate with anyone that doesn’t own anything. We own everything. The intruders are making offers to these sell-outs. Then they take it to the people for sanctioning.

They are working towards “municipalizing” the “Confederacy”. They are falling right into the colonial “divide and rule” trap. We’ve told the sell-outs over and over again that we will not give up anything. The colonists present the terms and tell the sell-outs, “Take it or leave it! Get it past the people and then get back to us”. And, “If you succeed, it’ll be worth your while”. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

The sell-outs deliberately restrict themselves to the “community” of Six Nations so that a municipality can be set up by Canada. The update constantly refers to the “Crown! Crown!Crown!” “Nothing but servants of the Crown, my liege!” Today this means the sell-outs are serving the “gangsters” who have taken over.

Everyone knows the Mohawks will never give up anything. The Halidmand Tract is part of the greater Haudenosaunee territory. The sell-outs and the limited “community” they are appealing to live on our territory. They have no authority to make any deal on our behalf.

All Mohawks must be brought in from all our communities and those scattered throughout Onowaregeh, as the Great Law provides. We are a nation, not a community. The Haldimand Tract is Mohawk land. The other nations who live on our tract may be finding it easy to give away our rights as it’s not theirs. The British have always gone to other nations like the Mississauga to trade and barter Haudenosaunee land.

The sell-outs have been in there too long, had too many dinners and late nights with the colonists. This leaves them open to fraud, softening up and seeing too much of the colonial side.

A colonial white lawyer, Aaron Detlor, is running the “Confederacy” show!

He set up the Haudenosaunee Development Institute HDI without the Mohawks to bypass the people and our decision making process through the clans and all the other Haudenosaunee communities. No business can be conducted without us.

HDI mimics the colonial system and puts an HDI stamp on it. HDI plans to use our land as collateral to go to the colonial banks, developers and investors. We don’t use land as collateral for anybody or anything ever! We don’t issue permits to foreigners.

We never gave up our sovereignty, our land and our independence. The only right the “Crown” has is to come to us with their hat in their hand to ask us to exist here. Nothing below or above the ground can ever be sold. It turns out all the so-called “leases” are frauds. It is up to the Canadian government to prove to us they are not, which they can’t. This ain’t do-able! We will do what the Lakota Nation just did, terminate all leases and agreements and continue our independent sovereignty and the reclamation of all our lands and resources. This would respect international law, Haudenosaunee rights and Canadian law.

Just because the intruders have big guns, are ruthless, vicious and can control our people, our land and our resources by threats, force and deceit doesn’t make their shenanigans any less criminal. Might is not right.

Where are the sell-outs and colonists meeting? In some conference room somewhere? Shouldn’t it be in public just like the Great Law states where we can keep an eye on everybody and so we are all well informed? This is not such a radical idea. Even the colonists have their Parliament which they mostly use as a rubber stamp. Are the colonists scared? Nothing is going to happen to them if they meet with us in public and are truthful, forthright and law abiding. They have to respect the fact that we are the true possessors of this continent.

Why is Alan McNaughton calling himself a chief of the Mohawks? According to the Great Law, the chief has to be condoled and take the name of one of the original 50 chiefs. Alan represents Alan, something like Joseph Brant did. He was a British subject and mason who sat as a ceremonial “Pine Tree Chief” with no power. His only purpose was to translate for the Confederacy. Yet the British got him to sign all kinds of fraudulent documents. Joseph Brant and Alan McNaughton can’t sign s—t! If one chief is missing out of the circle, the meetings cannot be conducted. It goes to the clans and the war chiefs. Only a warrior designated by the clans can sign on our behalf. This has to be done in front of all the people.

We have to question these guys who call themselves chiefs like “Chief Pete Sky”, “Chief Alan McNaughton”, “Chief Leroy Hill” and “Chief Summerfall Winterspring“. These chiefs are advocates of a foreign ideology known as the Handsome Lake Christian based code. The Great Law does not allow us to serve somebody like a bunch of dummies.

We finally figured out what’s wrong with the people at Six. They seem to be suffering from “Brantosis” – a newly diagnosed psychological disorder. It is believed to be caused by the “bread and cheese” they eat every May 24th on the Queen’s birthday. Sometimes it is affected by a peculiar fungus that acts on some people to induce the delusion that they have become Joseph Brant.

It’s sort of like the ergot on bread that LSD comes from. The cheese also makes them constipated and full of s--t. This makes them think they are higher than the people. In a sense it’s true because they’re so stoned and Oh! Phew!

The trouble is they’re being used and they develop a compulsion to sign everything away to anyone waving a foreign flag, just like Joey Brant did. If anyone knows of a good antidote, please send it quick to the sell-outs, and chiefs Peter, Alan, Leroy and Summerfall.

The other antidote is for them to read Seth Newhouse’s version of the Great Law. There is only one Confederacy Grand Council fire in Onondaga in so-called New York State . We still have 9 Mohawk Chiefs, 9 clan mothers and three clans. The Grand Council is not at the Onondaga longhouse in Grand River . The Mohawk council pulled out of the Grand Council in the 1700s thereby rendering all treaty making void. Without the Mohawks no Grand Council can be conducted. Every international alliance or trade agreement [Treaty of Canadaigua, Oneida ’s land grant to the Thirteen Colonies before 1776, etc. ] made since then is fraudulent. We are the Elder Brother and we have to be there. It’s time for the Confederacy Chiefs and clan mothers at Grandeur River to lose their delusions of grandeur and to stop this on-going charade.

When Hazel says, the “creator, creator, creator”, we are being put down as subservient. No one can tell us or give us permission to do what is right. This “creator” stuff is Christian gobbledegook. It’s meant to establish a hierarchical system with someone sitting on top of everybody’s head. This unknown made-up wizard that represents the European oligarchy can give and take away. It’s a trap to misinterpret our relationship to the natural world and to each other. The “kasastenera kowa sa oiera”, the great natural power, describes us as being part of the natural world, not above or beneath anything.

It’s all part of the sales pitch to lie to us and make us think that we can sell our land and resources, which we can’t.

Whether they realize it or not, these sell-outs are working to bring us marching back into the 19th Century to complete the colonial vision. They could never bring our ancestors into submission.

The whole effort at smoke and mirrors is to help the colonists extract our assets from us. They want us to forget about the coming generations in our society and theirs. It’s a short term deal or “fix” for the benefit of a few colonists and their controlled puppets.

These sell-outs must be replaced immediately by the real representatives who will conduct talks under the guidance of the Great Law. We are being lied to.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News