Victory for Tukwila Teachers and Anti-War Students!

The Tukwila School District administrators finally announced the results of their disciplinary investigations against the Tukwila six teachers who allowed or supported the Nov. 16th walkout of 125 students against the Iraq war and military recruitment at Foster High School—a Letter of Reprimand for Brett Rogers who walked out with students and a Directive Letter for Kjell Rowe who gave students a ride to the student rally.

That no teachers were fired is a tremendous VICTORY for the Foster teachers, their students, and for us all! This is proof that there is power when ordinary people are organized, and that we can make a difference in challenging the unjust war and military recruitment in schools! The Foster principal initiated a political witch-hunt against teachers, but a powerful groundswell of support from students and community members broke his effort. Thanks to ALL who demonstrated their solidarity by calling, emailing, and protesting the Tukwila School District!

BUT... the campaign is not done.

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